GameSpy: PAX '09: EyePet Updated Impressions

GameSpy writes: "I'll admit that I'm pretty susceptible to cute things, but I certainly didn't expect a digital creature to make me smile the way the EyePet did. From the second he jumped onto the screen his adorable smile and simian-like nature made me realize that this little bugger could be the answer to most of my childhood desires for a pet monkey. Actions that can be an annoyance in real life -- like bathing your pet -- were turned into fun-looking games that entertained not only because of the creature's elated reaction, but also because it's mesmerizing to see your hand motions transferring into interaction with your pet on the screen. And as far as I can tell, the game really does let you do all the things the trailer shows, including letting you draw objects for your pet (we drew a car and then tittered like kids when he got on it and started rolling around). I don't know how many people are going to go for the $39.99 price tag ($59.99 if you want it bundled with a PlayStation Eye), but I walked away from the EyePet demo smiling and ready to welcome a virtual pet into my life alongside my cat and dog".

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wxer3795d ago

better than that kid molester simulator and project anal thats for sure

3795d ago Replies(1)
callahan093795d ago

This game always looked too cute, and very impressive with the way you can interact with it through the camera. I'll probably pick it up because I already have a PSEye and would like more cool things to use it with besides Eye of Judgment.