Worthplaying PS3 Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Like it or not, licensed games typically sell based on the name more than anything else. As a result, developers simply "go through the motions" when churning out a game with a license, and the creative juices are reserved for original IP. Not so here. Batman: Arkham Asylum may have a license attached. It may have voice actors reprising their roles. But it's also a finely polished adventure that, aside from a few minor blemishes, is one hell of a ride.

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beavis4play3788d ago

my only gripe with the game: climbing and dropping/jumping down can be a pain sometimes.
(on a side note)mark hamill is brilliant as the joker. he's on par with the guys who voice capt. quark in the ratchet series and daxter in the jak series.