1UP: Cave Story WiiWare Hands-On Preview

1UP writes: "The WiiWare version of 2004's Japanese indie gaming classic Cave Story was supposed to have launched last December, but nine months later it remains missing in action. In light of the game's checkered console release plans, its unexpected absence has led many gamers to assume this would be another disappointing vaporware failure -- despite publisher Nicalis' repeated reassurances to the contrary. And now, here it is in what seems to be a finished form, totally playable on the Penny Arcade Expo show floor".

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Poopface the 2nd3796d ago

not sure why somone would buy it on the VC when they can get it for free on the PC but its is defiantly worth money.

Smacktard3796d ago

Uh... because the Wii version is going to have bonus content, improved graphics, improved audio, and is going to be the only way to reward the developer Pixel for making such a wonderful game.

Shnazzyone3796d ago

all i want is this game to be out so i can buy it already. All they need to do is release this thing on wiiware and they have my cash monies. So speed it up already!!!