Kotaku: Mass Effect 2 Control Impressions

Kotaku writes: "I left my Mass Effect 2 demo feeling like the shooting had improved and that the strategic combat was less of a pace-killer than before. Does that make it more a shooter and less an RPG? I'm not sure, but it looks like it'll make for better gameplay.

The interactive dialogue sequences that bookended the battle I fought may have been more the hallmark of a Mass Effect. The quality of the combat in between suggested that the game's action may be rising to the level of the series' storytelling".

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dgroundwater3788d ago

Yep it sounds fantastic. They seem to be improving the franchise in every way for ME2. It might be the best sequel of 2010 in terms of overall improvement.


i agree everything that is to do mass effect, the music, setting, story make me wish i can live in that day and age. but all we can do is watch satalites fly and observe baron planets. yipee!/sarc

man i can wait for this, the 1st is my favourite game ever, best story iv played. you can forget you halos gears, killzone all that atuff, this is the baby!

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