PAX 2009: Lode Runner dropping to 800 points on September 14

Joystiq writes: "The new version of Lode Runner for XBLA was launched earlier this year in April at a price point of 800 points. Microsoft quickly flip-flopped and said the game was incorrectly priced, subsequently correcting the price to 1200 points, which caused a massive amount of complaining .. but no price reduction reverse flop-flip.

It only took Microsoft four months, but the company is now flopping back to the 800 points price for one week. Starting September 14 through September 20, you can download the game for the price it originally debuted at, and what developer Tozai considers the "sweet spot". It has 272 levels, a map editor, and a robust community component waiting on people to run around in search of gold at a reduced price..."

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