Scribblenauts Rooster Hat is Damn Chic

NextGen Player writes:

"As if we need another reason to believe that Canada kicks ass, but here's a good one for you. EB Games Canada is giving away the best pre-order bonus of the year with a free Scribblenauts Rooster Hat while supplies last."

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Wolf8733788d ago

I'm not sure about wearing the hat in public though lol. Only a brave soul would wear that in public.

HBK6193788d ago

Moar like only the COOLEST sole's would be in public with that hat. PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

mastiffchild3788d ago

Cool/brave what's the difference? I just wish I could get one-Tooster hats FTW! I'd be perfectly happy with one for me and one for my Dogue provided they make 'em big enough as we both have physically gargantuan bonces(all bone and no brain). Well done Canada leading the world in the imporant stuff-keep it up.

VTW most hats rock except Bowlers which can f off. Rooster hats though, completely different matter.

MomoRocks073787d ago

is offering this too when you pre-oder the game..i work there so when we get them in sept. 15th i am so rocking it at work =]