Forza 2 media overload has uploaded tons of new Forza 2 media on their site.

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likeaboss3024180d ago

I'm not a big fan of the graphics in this game but it does look better then these screen grabs. The demo has some AA going on so the jaggies aren't as bad. Keep in mind I was playing this at 1080P over HDMI on an Elite.

ImTheNumber124180d ago

The cars look terrible on my lcd screed at 1080i. Strange that you saw some AA on hdmi because on component it was seriously jagfest and had lag when shadows passed the cars. Plus, the cars were glowing from far too much reflection. I will blame it on just being a demo and hope that it looks a little better with the retail copy. I also can't complain too much since I thought the gameplay was incredible and the damage the cars could take was a nice change from pgr, that has no damage.

Skizelli4180d ago

The demo still has some rough edges, but I fell in love with the gameplay.

Leathersoup4180d ago

If you pay close attention to the visuals you will notice that the car models themselves are anti-aliased quite well. The Jaggies only show up in the reflection maps placed upon the cars. It's quite unfortunate but that's where they're coming from. :(

ImTheNumber124180d ago

I'm glad that you clarified this for me. I believe they could easily tweak the reflection maps just a little so it wouldn't be so noticeable. At least you agree there is some slight graphical blemishes without automatically jumping on me about complaining. Apologize for the rant.

level 3604179d ago

My my, it sure looks like last-generation graphics... Quite dissapointing really ( at least this is a demo... ), from all the rantings/ravings that have been goin' on about this game - hope it does deliver next-generation physics. The good thing though is that it has a lot of extra special features to offer. Reminds me of the very first - PGR Series on XBox - with the glowing disc brakes.