Kitase: Final Fantasy titles shouldn't take as long to develop in the future

VG247: At GamesCom, Yoshi Kitase and Motomu Toriyama from Square Enix told VG247 that Final Fantasy games shouldn't take as long to develop in the future.

During the conversation, we mentioned CEO of Square Enix Yoichi Wada's comment regarding the firm "taking too long to produce games", to see if they were in agreement.

VG247 at GamesCom: Yoichi Wada has said that he wants the development rate to go a bit faster. Is this possible and what is the development team doing to help speed things along for the future?

FFXIII's Yoshi Kitase and Motomu Toriyama, speaking through a translator: For FFXIII there are a lot of firsts, and because it's a new console that the teams are working on, it took a little time for the team to get used to everything.

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Wiitactics3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

That sounds like Square's going drop even more the quality of their games.

Thanks Microsh1t for changing the vision of Square with your dirty money. =)

Hope that FFXIIIvs stays as a PS3 exclusive to finally play the first next-gen FF game and maybe the last...

villiers3694d ago

No this is just how development works.

It's a hell of a challenge getting used to a new engine and console hardware.

Why do you think sequels usually always release quicker and improve on quality?

Examples: Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed 2, Gears of War 2

nightelfmohawk3694d ago

yeah, now that they gimped the game engine enough so that it will work on the 3FixMe and DVD-9, they can churn out games faster than M$ can say "Halo."

Wiitactics3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Just read the final statement: "Still, it may not be as simple as Wada thinks (laughing)."

Why he says that? Because creating a game goes beyond than just knowing your engine to produce pretty graphics. You can polished a game indefinitely... But as I was trying to say with my prior comment, it sounds more like Square wants to make games faster to keep milking the franchise even more. Square is only making reference to FF because that's their real money maker!

topdawg1223694d ago

I don't even think versus is exclusive anymore to be honest with you, thats why i think we haven't heard much from it because it's goin multi. All the next FF games are gonna be multi and i doubt they're gonna try and take full advantage of the ps3s power. It's gonna be like all the rest of the multi's that can't stand up to ps3 exclusives

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umair_s513694d ago

'...And since we had to port it to the 360 we had to cut out some levels from the PS3 code and delay it, but rest assure the game wil be identical on both platforms.'

Noct3694d ago

Thankfully no need to cut out areas when you they have multiple discs and many compression techniques to take advantage of.

umair_s513694d ago

The truth is, I can't see how a game which was allegedly going to max-out the PS3 be done on the Xbox360 with out cutting content. Its a fact that the cell is more powerful than the Xenon. If your using 100% of the PS3's potential, than all of those compression techniques you mentioned would have been employed to make sure the game fits on the Bluray, every single line of the code needs to be optimized to add further quality to the game. So the way I see it is, FF13 doesn't push the PS3 as it was originally intend to do.

sniper-squeak3694d ago

"FF titles shouldn't take as long to develop in the future..."

What they mean is future titles won't be coming to the 360... :)

chaosatom3694d ago

"We want to make more money and publish more crappy titles at a faster rate"

topdawg1223694d ago

chaosatom, you nailed it right on the head, the rest will definitely be multiplatform

GameGambits3694d ago

So much hate for SquareEnix in any news article about them lol.

Honestly though I don't get why people are so upset this game has taken 3 years to develop. Killzone 2 took like 5 years didn't it? I mean the fact FF13 is taking only 3 years after FF12 and looking as great as it is should be given props. If the game doesn't have glitches, horrible loading times, render issues, etc then that means they can produce quality pretty quickly. Most of us can already safely say FF13's battle system looks like it will be a lot of fun, but the thing that really worries most people who actually plan to play this game is the storyline. SquareEnix has been missing great stories on too many of their titles and it seems to have began on FF12 for myself.

At this point in the development cycle people need to stop whining it's on the 360 already. That's over and done with. If the game got delayed to take longer because of it going to 360 like we most think well what are you gonna do about it? The thing that most people need to focus on is when will get it in the west and will the story/voice acting not be total crap like Star Ocean The Last Hope or Infinite Undiscovery.

raztad3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )


KZ2 was showed off in CG form at E3 2005. FF XIII at E3 2006 as a PS3 exclusive That said KZ2 matched the target render promise. People is upset FF XIII being gimped and under delivering but I agree that nothing can be done and just dont get the game if it suits you better.

rockleex3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Developers don't need to compress their games on the PS3 because of Bluray.

But you can bet they still compress it anyways just to fit in as much content as possible.

FFXIII will take multiple discs because, despite compression, it will still take more space than a single DVD can store.

On Topic:
If Square Enix wanted people to believe that they didn't compromise. Then they should have said, "We'll optimize FFXIII on each system to the best of our abilities without compromising the other version."

Instead, they said "There's no compromise... but we're making sure both versions are identical".

A complete contradiction.

Redempteur3694d ago

Lol sorry guys SE has this stupid Ds to Wii conversion tool they used for "echoes of time "

So no it won't be long ...sadly for us ...

..the real reason is that they finished their engine for both PS3 , 360 and wii .

So don't expect graphics changes until the PS4 or the xbox 720...

mfwahwah3694d ago



Also, I could probably use 100% of the PS3's power.

Would it be used efficiently? Hell no. But it would still be 100%.

Not quite as impressive, now is it?

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Claudinho693694d ago

but the 360 didnt delay ff13 the xbox owners told me

Vlad-Tepes-3694d ago

Just the fact that they stated that FFXIII will look identical on both platforms should speak for itself, unless your just blind.

skatezero2463694d ago

I'll believe it when I see it

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