Mega Gaming Hq: Pokemon Twilight [PC] Review

Pokemon Twilight is a rather new Pokemon game. Suprisingly this Pokemon game is not released by the original owners of Pokemon. It was made by a few individuals with a desire to completely redo the pokemon, come up with new maps, new gym leaders, and a new story line. This game is still incomplete but is still be developed on. They released it to the public so that they could help them find bugs and make the development process of this game quicker. They are currently working on making an online version in which you can battle your friends or trade with your friends. The current version of this game will only be able to beat the first gym leader as the route to the second loops back to the same Route you were on. There is currently only one developer working as the others are on a mission trip. He is aware of the problem and it will be resolved when version 4.2 is released. In Pokemon twilight you are able to hold seven Pokemon in your pack. When this game becomes final it will have to versions, lunar and solar, which will both have one unique Legendary Pokemon which you will have to trade with your friends to complete your pokedex. Also when it is finished you will have a total of eight gym leaders to defeat.

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mghq3797d ago

I personally love the game even though it is not even finished

mghq3797d ago

Also if you dont want to download it you can play the online version off of game makers website

mghq3797d ago

You can download the game from here
Or you can play online at

adsaidler3797d ago

that's a lawsuit waiting to happen

mghq3797d ago

Lol, yea. But you know there are so many different copies and actual ROM hacks that it would be to hard to keep up. This one is my favorite one.

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The story is too old to be commented.