PAX '09: Heavy Rain (GameStooge)

Jordan Lund checks out Heavy Rain at PAX '09, and thinks it's awfully similar to a certain Dreamcast/Xbox title.

Excerpt: "Heavy Rain is one of the more hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusives, and while the initial screens looked great it wasn't exactly easy to see how the game played. Point and click adventure? Survival horror? Who knew? After having played the demo I can now tell you exactly how it plays. It plays like Shenmue."

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Milky3789d ago

never played shenmue, sounds awesome though. Day wun.

zeeshan3789d ago

Heavy rain looks BRILLIANT. Can't wait! Really... can NOT wait! The girl in picture though is fugly!

sa_nick3789d ago

When are people gonna stop posting that freakin "casting" chick as the image for heavy rain? It's like 4 years old and has nothing to do with the game.

callahan093789d ago

Cannot WAIT for this game! This and The Last Guardian are actually my most hotly anticipated games for sure.

Apocalypse Shadow3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

was the fricken master of quick time or like dragon's lair were the originators of multiple events,multiple paths.but games like shenmue added a whole game and THEN added it for the action that might not be capable of being duplicated with player controls.

but QTE wasn't the whole game for shenmue 1 and 2.just like QTE is not the whole game for heavy rain.but a lot of devs copied YU's work and added it to their games.

the sad part is that shenmue didn't sell like it should have as it IS an awsome series that needs a 3rd game.and after YU left the game industry and sega,he left a big whole in it as his games like hang on,outrun,after burner,space harrier,virtual cop,virtua fighter etc,are timeless classics that were copied by many companies.

come back YU and bring Yuzo Koshiro with will be waiting while playing heavy rain.

edit:a sample of yuzo: