Crysis: Ultra-Quality-Config in works

Reli 2: Modder Hawkeye Puppy work at a new ultra realistic custom config, impressive screens inside!

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Pandamobile3789d ago

Holy balls. That looks gorgeous, but I think I'll stick to my Real Life-sis mod. I love the bit of depth of field that one has.

RememberThe3573789d ago

Talk about making your eyes burn. I'm not sure that I could handle playing in graphics like these. I might have a stroke...

STONEY43789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I use natural mod, I felt like real life-sis overdid the depth of field, but I heard you can tone it down.

trancefreak3788d ago

wow very beautiful could stare all night @ those pics.

Mr Bean Laden3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

that is amazing, can't believe how far gaming has come since playing 8 bit graphics

Jamescagney3789d ago

Yeah it's staggering when you think about it, when I was a kid my Spectrum with it's whole 48k was top of the range. Playing games with 8 colours for hours. I got an emulator to play some of them again a couple of years ago. All I can say is some things are best left in the past.

narked3789d ago

kinda makes you look really forward to the future :D

Sub4Dis3788d ago

unfortunately, with consoles becoming the main focus for production now, we won't sleep big leaps and progress like we've seen up to this point. crysis is over 2 years old and it's still the top of the line. i predict that the next generation of consoles probably won't hit til 2012 and they will probably still only be on par with crysis...maybe slightly better...maybe :(

narked3788d ago

but i am talking about the pc sir :D we are not limited by hardware =D

Sub4Dis3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

i know what you're talking just didn't read my statement carefully. with consoles becoming the focus... that means developers won't have to worry about pushing technology. they can just stay where they are. when pc was the main platform for shooters (which are usually the games that push the graphics), the developers were trying to outdo each other. but now that it's shifting to console, they can only do so much, and since that means less money invested in progress, they will be all too happy to let things move at a much slower pace. even this generation a lot of games on PC are really just ports from console. like assassin's creed. it looks just about the same on pc...probably could have looked a lot better. but very few games are like farcry 2 anymore, where they obviously were meant for PC and then moved to console. we'll be seeing less and less of that.

narked3787d ago

but ultimately it is not the developers who invent the technology. if nvidia and ati keep on releasing better graphic cards, with new technologies such as ray tracing, then ultimately developers need to implement these.
yes consoles are more commercial but developments still happen on the pc. ex dirt 2 is gonna have dx11 immediately. don't you think that other devs are going to follow suit? especially those who skipped dx10 ?
consoles have a 5 year boom period until they are maxed out, then stuff comes back to the pc as it always has.

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snaileri3789d ago

Only possible on the PC :)

Pandamobile3789d ago

I'll post the comparison video I made, just for good measure :)

Mr Bean Laden3789d ago

PC pulls the best graphics, on consoles PS3 pulls the best graphics

Proxy3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I'm convinced many people are turned away from PC's for the fallowing reason.

Gamer A is unhappy, because his PC can only achieve good graphics, while other PC's can achieve great graphics. He is unhappy because other people have better graphics.

Gamer B is happy, because his console can achieve mediocre graphics, while other consoles achieve the same mediocre graphics. He is happy because he has the same graphics as everyone else.

Very similar to a psychological study which showed it's not how much money you make, but how much you make compared to those around you which affects your happiness. Bob makes 15 an hour, and his friend make 10 an hour, Bob is happy. Bill makes 70 an hour, and his friends make 80 an hour, Bill is unhappy.

Pandamobile3789d ago

I'm sure people don't shy away from PC gaming because they're computer can't run Crysis with extreme settings.

It really doesn't take a $3000 PC to run Crysis with this mod at a good frame rate. My PC cost $1700 CAD (like $1550 USD) and I can run Crysis at 1680 x 1050, DX10 very high settings with enhanced lighting mods like these at a smooth 30-60 frames per second. Why console gamers thing you need a computer that costs more than a car to run Crysis is beyond me.

Troll-Killer3789d ago

Only possible on SOME PCs.

2Spock3789d ago

Yeah well my 300 dollar PS3 will run GT5 at 1920x1080. Sure you don't need 3,000 bucks for Crysis like you said, but you are acting like 1,700 bucks is cheap for a gaming PC which it isn't. No thank you i have more sense than money i will stick with my consoles.

Tarasque3789d ago

And good thing that is not actual gameplay. People max out those graphics and get like 5 FPS just to get a screenshot.

Pandamobile3789d ago

I'm sorry I have a decent job and can afford nice things.

likedamaster3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Still, advantages are minor, almost insignificant. Goes to show you how far console development has come. Win/win.

Oh, and 2spock... GT5 is upscaled from 1280x1080p. Garage only is displayed in native 1920x1080p with 2x msaa.

Edit: At below... forget panda, he is out to bring relevance back to pc's when they never lost it to begin with. Consoles are just more aproachable, less meticulous, and just an outright better value.

2Spock3789d ago

Awwwwwww....Poor little thing can't make a comment about my point. So to make yourself feel superior (which obviously is completely opposite of what you are), you are going to act like you make more money than me. Which is so childish might i add, maybe you should keep your jerk comments to yourself. You know what happens to assumptions? Well....i will just leave it at that.

Pandamobile3789d ago

I'm not going to deny you get better value from a $300 console, but I'm just tired of people thinking you need a ridiculously overpowered PC to play normal PC games like TF2, and COD and stuff.

evrfighter3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

my setup is around 800ish and maxes out crysis.

You don't even need a $1500 dollar pc. I believe Panda went Core I7 due to what he does outside of gaming. I build my pc's strictly for gaming. And a Phenom II/HD 4890 will perform around the same as an I7/Gtx 275.

It should be $300 vs. $800. Now add to this the fact that pc gaming is cheaper than console. I don't have to buy blu-rays when 1080p rips are all over the web. I don't have to buy games if that is my desire though I do anyway.

I will be playing Cod Mw2 at native 1080p, Max AA, Max AF 100+fps on my TV from the comfort of my couch and for FREE lol...Well until the price goes down. Have fun with your 720p jagged as all hell version. My PC has probably saved me thousands of dollars. what about your ps3?

STONEY43789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Yeah, if you're not gonna do alot of CG/3D/video rendering and other CPU heavy tasks, and only play games, just save youself $200 or $300 and get a Phenom II then overclock it.

@spock1, you're acting like you HAVE to buy a $1500 PC just to play Crysis. You ever think about those people can run games like COD4, Far Cry 2, or Mirror's Edge at max settings over 100fps at 1920x1200 while looking sharper and better than the console versions? In fact you don't even need a $1500 computer to do that, an $600-800 computer could do 60fps fine.

BWS19823789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I know it's your "choice" to do so, and I get your point, but bragging about pirating games/movies isn't an advantage, because someone with a PS3 or 360 could brag they just steal or borrow to play/own their own games/ can't rack a mark in the pro column on pros and cons by saying you obtain something illegally, as it applies to all sides. But yes, I get your point, and I've been to pirate bay myself, I'm just throwing 2 cents in, as I have an i7 rig I built myself in May, and prefer some games on it over my PS3. If you want to brag about prices, mention that PC games have a cheaper price on average by about $10+, as at least it's a legit benefit, and can't be refuted.

STONEY43789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I use pirating only if I'm skeptical about buying a game so I can use it a sort of demo, like Prototype. I wasn't sure if I would like it, so I pirated it, played about an hour or two, then bought the game because I liked it alot, and the game got better the more you played. Or if I want to play a game I used to have but can't find my copy, such as Deus Ex. I lost my copy and couldn't find it, so I pirated it so I could play it again.

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Tony P3789d ago

Superb. Now that is quite a bit closer to the elusive photorealism.

Marceles3789d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I've always said Crysis is absolutely the best looking game I've ever seen. Everyone likes to argue "buh buh post processing" and all of the effects Killzone 2 has and how many lights one level has, but you have to be truthful...if you didn't know about post processing and all of the tech crap and just take a look at both games, Crysis is amazing compared to any game. Crysis even has nice animation as well if you watch the soldiers move while they're alert.

The only unrealistic animation about Crysis are the death animations because the guys fall down like Peter does in Family Guy or fly in the air. Everything else I'll put Crysis ahead of the pack. We can argue whether Uncharted or Killzone 2 is the best console game, I can live with that...but the absolute best looking game I've ever seen in person is Crysis. If you haven't seen it in motion in person and not on video, please find a PC capable of running it how it should be ran and be prepared for alot of OMG moments.

Jamescagney3789d ago

I've been playing through Warhead today and it's just so immersive. A lot of people dismiss it as just a graphics showcase, and while it is it's also a damn fine game. I love moving from spot to spot picking the enemies off one by one. Crysis is just pure class.

Pandamobile3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Yeah, sucks about Crysis' ragdolls though. The German government is so strict about this kind of stuff that they had to make the ragdolls really stiff, so the deaths don't look too great. If I recall, there's mods that change the ragdolls to be more like the ones in the Source Engine, and extreme gore mods are always fun.

With CryEngine 3, they're introducing a new deferred rendering system. Capable of having hundreds of lights on screen at once, each casting their own shadows and lighting effects. Along with a new global lighting system, CE3 on PC will be filled with even more eye candy than CE2.

No games can compare to Crysis' level of detail and over all beauty. And nothing in this generation of consoles will definitely not be the ones to beat Crysis.


Yea! Crysis can be played in any style of play that you want it to. It's not tailored to one specific type of FPS gamer. Good luck playing on Delta mode and running Rambo style through 15 Koreans. You can go Rambo, but it's not going to work very well. You have to be methodical, and sneaky. Use your cloak, hid in a bush to let it recharge, go into armour mode, spring from the bush and ambush a squad of unsuspecting Koreans.

Crysis is the only single player game I've played through and through more than a dozen times. Every time you play it's a different experience and you can approach the problems you're faced with.

likedamaster3789d ago

Still, me like most people want the bar to be raised. Another game that looks this good technically but with a different artstyle(I'm so over Crysis artstyle. Palm trees, really?) would be a welcomed game. And the ragdoll physics, something of a more "realistic" nature, would be a welcomed feature. Doesn't have to be really gory, just natural.

Marceles3789d ago

One of the best things about Crysis was the fact that it wasn't only a game full of palm trees and log houses, that's all you see in most screenshots but the game is full of different environments and good A.I..

The ice level is amazing, underwater level, a flying level, a level that takes place on a huge boat, a desert level...everything was created from the ground up too. The underwater level had alien technology can just see how much work they put into the game.

It's probably the best photorealistic graphics pulled off, so this artstyle is fine with me as long as it's incredibly done. The gameplay was fun as hell too, you're like the predator having to trick the A.I., you have super strength, super armor, super speed...the game was really good but people were scared off from the PC requirements.

It's kinda like someone talking bad about Samurai Showdown 2 on Neo Geo because all they could afford to play was Street Fighter 2 on SNES.

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