Rockstar Games Answers Fans' Questions on GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Earlier this week Rockstar Games posted some clarifying facts on Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony & GTA: Episodes from Liberty City. In that post they asked fans to submit other questions they have related to the game. Now they've answered some of them and published it on their website.

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Mr Bean Laden3789d ago

why do you keep making dlc to a boring game?

solsub3789d ago

Because people keep buying this sh!t.

peeps3789d ago

"why do you keep making dlc to a boring game? "

you surely already know the answer to that... but incase you really don't (which i doubt). They have a business deal whereby they provide the 360 with 2 pieces of dlc for GTA4. Also it gives rockstar the chance to try out dlc since i don't believe they have ever done any up to this point.

but i do agree that it is a pretty boring game. i never even finished playing through the main story let alone the dlc

FlipMode3789d ago

Didn't know GTa had their own channel on IGN.

ReservoirDog3163789d ago

Boring to you. If it wasn't for MGS4, it would be my favorite game of last year. And this one sounds more action packed. They said they wanted their inner Michael Bay to show on Gay Tony.

But did they just say that Agent is coming out next year?

cyberwaffles3789d ago

lmao your comment and avatar made me crack up.

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shutupandplay3789d ago

Anybody know when this is coming out for ps3?

Mr Bean Laden3789d ago

the bots can keep the dlc, PS3 can have GTA 5 exclusive

rafaleon3789d ago

Never cuz PS3 can't handle it.

Mr Bean Laden3789d ago

360 couldn't handle GTA4, over compressed and lots of features taken out from the previous GTAs because of the flopbox's DVD 9

true 1080p and a 50gb blu ray disk with the power of the cell, PS3 can handle it just fine

peeps3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

i imagine the ballard of gay tony will be released and then we'll either hear nothing (most likely) or perhaps they will release a goty edition with the added dlc, much like fallout 3 later this year. It could certainly fit on a blu-ray anyway

Sez 3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

funny you should say that. because the ps3 version wasn't no where near 1080p. more like 640p. much like SF4 was on the ps3.


next time do some research before opening your mouth. this way you don't look stupid.

Mr Bean Laden3789d ago

i was saying if GTA 5 were exclusive, then it would do 1080p of course

3789d ago
LuHawk3788d ago

dumb ass cry baby B!tch Laden

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cranium3789d ago

Did he just confirm Agent as a 2010 release?

umair_s513789d ago

I think so...hope that its true. Not only that, they're saying PS3 titles are yet to be announced.

FragMnTagM3789d ago

I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. People talk about Killzone 2's realism and then hate on GTA4. GTA4 got the realism down really well. The car handling physics are some of the best in a game to date. There were a few things missing from SA, but did it really ruin the game that much? I still pop this game in here and there and have fun every time I do. I guess it is really hard to impress some people. Or does everyone suffer from ADD or ADHD?

Redempteur3789d ago

GTA 4 isn't boring .. it just wasn't as over the top as the previous ones ..

Also i loved it ..
People are buying dlcs for this game because they loved it

yess3789d ago

The physics are crap, but the crash engine(Bent and dent)is awesome, but its like a crash is absorbt in a wierd way the faster you go, and the car seem to land on the wheels to easy.The euphoria engine dident get used to its fullest, so just another ragdol engine which is to stiff,drunk walking and pushing peds. down stairs is still wery funny.

Thats it,now back to something else;-)

topdawg1223789d ago

I don't get people's problems with it either, but i thought this game deserved its game of the year it was a blast to play and i wish this dlc was comin to ps3.

Halo3 MLG Pro3789d ago

Their is nothing wrong with GTA4. The problem you mostly get around here is just plain jealousy. It's a pretty common problem here. When a game is better on the 360 than you get the excuses like "TEH GAME SUCKZORZ ANYWAY"

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keysy4203789d ago

more titles unannounced for the ps3 omg

topdawg1223789d ago

Yeah, and hopefully they're still workin on la noire too

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