Rumor: Sucker Punch Working on inFAMOUS 2?

A job listing for Sucker Punch Productions suggests that the company is already working on the sequel to the critically acclaimed inFAMOUS.

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Nelson M3786d ago

Now let me state something obvious
"Tonight a lot of Dumb BoTs are gonna Get The RRoD"

gaffyh3786d ago

A lot of people expected Sucker Punch to be working on Sly, but as much as I love Sly Cooper, I want an inFAMOUS sequel more. So this is good news for me. :)

I think Sly may go the way Jak & Daxter has gone, i.e. go to PSP with the sequel.

Sarcasm3786d ago

Man, it sure would have been nice to have a Jak & Daxter on PS3 though. Of course made by Naughty God to use the PS3's potential.

I like R&C, but I have to admit I'm a bigger Jak & Daxter fan.

gaffyh3786d ago

Yeah same here, I much prefer Jak & Daxter. I hope they do make a PS3 version, well maybe they'll atleast do a Jak & Daxter collection or something.

Lifendz3786d ago

and you can count on a blockbuster. I just platinum'd Infamous and I can say without hyperbole that was a great game. The stunt and shard trophies should've been golds but that's about the only gripe. I really can't wait for the sequel but with so many good games coming later this year and early next, I say they have plenty of time to work on it.

Bravo Suckerpunch, Bravo.

chaosatom3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I want to see more cell-shaded story. I wanted to know so much more! Having like lots of 5 mins mini-clips all throughout the game, would have been much more statisfying.

aldesko3786d ago

Personally, I want another infamous. I remember they had a job listing for a multiplayer dev, so it looks like infamous 2 might have multiplayer.

Hopefully it's a well-integrated co-op, but we'll see...

Drebin 9283785d ago

I doubt they could achieve Uncharted 2 level graphics, as I've yet to see an open world game that comes close to the graphical fidelity of linear design games (which typically have smaller environments to cram detail in). Let's hope though that there is a noticeable leap in graphics as I felt the first could certainly use much more anti-aliasing for starters.

If they really expand and evolve the game with more bosses, character development, narrative driven playtime, and better graphics, I think the sequel would certainly become the definitive super hero/villain experience.
Fingers crossed...

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fire233786d ago

Loved the first, can't wait for the second

Ravage273786d ago

but i really LOVE inFamous, so this is good news :)

Daver3786d ago

they are indeed they will do like naughty dog... after infamous 2 they will work on jak and daxter

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The story is too old to be commented.