The Ultimate Debate: Prototype Vs. Infamous

GG posts: "This is a slightly skewed topic of discussion that has caused numerous fanboy flame wars to start off with which takes an ugly turn since Infamous is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. "

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281219863790d ago

the article is actually very well written .An excerpt

"The premise of an anti-hero gives developers not to interfere on the consequences of gameplay mechanics which allows it to be a linear affair. Hence we see Alex imbued with insurmountable powers right form the start which allows the player to weak havoc around New York irrespective of the consequences. The notion of being powerful strays all throughout the game sans any form of moral obligations thereby ensuring a high degree of violence and destruction throughout the game. The story of the game has also been modeled in the way of the “Hulk” emplacing the notion of anger and hatred which leads to a chaotic scenario with the progress of the game.

Infamous, on the other hand, follows a much livelier narrative giving players to choose and decide upon his course of actions, thus the “karma” system constantly affects the players surroundings. Power cannot be utilized in a haphazard manner, the consequence of a player’s action bears witness to his surrounding plain in the form of posters, crowds, regular updates from his friend. Although there is a dark side which the players can opt to choose, the essence of this negative aura does not rest on pure vengeance. It exploits a human’s basest desires encapsulated within a world that is steaming with chaos and filth."

822119863790d ago

just waiting to start a flamewar, the description is totally out of context with the actual article.

Montrealien3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The Ultimate Debate? Maybe to the 3-4% of the gaming market that actually cares about this kind of crap and trolls comments sections and forums thinking they actually matter. Out here, in the real world we all know that they are 2 great games. However, you don`t need to be a rocket scientist to see that Infamous is still a much more solid experience. End of story, not more then one phrase is needed to end this (Ultimate) debate.

deadreckoning6663790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I didn't thk either of them were worth buying in the long run. Infamous was the better game but thats really not saying much. Prototype, for the first hour or two, was the BEST ACTION GAME this generation. But it got repetitive and boring really fast. Killzone 2 demolishes both anyways.

@82211986- Yep, N4g is full of fanboys. If Infamous was a 360 exclusive, it would have gotten hated on by PS3 fanboys.

SCThor3790d ago

and I get to play both cause I have a PS3...AND YOU?

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Tee7soo3790d ago

oh god not this sh!t .

i played them both and in my opinion infamous is better for the story and graphic .
but of you just want to feel bad ass then get prototype , but don't expect a good story .

navyguy213790d ago

Infamous is so much better all around. Better story, better animations, better graphics, better characters, more production values. Not that Prototype is bad, its just not better when compared to InFamous (almost platinum baby!!!)

flash743790d ago

I don't even own a PS3, so I played Infamous at my brother-in-laws, and I must say that it's a lot better than Prototype. There's actually a decent story in Infamous. Prototype basically amounts to you being a human wrecking ball with sketchy controls.

Ravage273790d ago

everytime i say something bad about Prototype ppl will disagree and say that it's only because it's a multiplat.
But seriously...I've bought inFamous & RedFaction and rented Prototype and Wolverine so how the hell am i anti-multiplat?(check my trophy counts if you don't believe me)

If i have to rank them: inFamous>RedFaction>Wolv erine>Prototype
Both Wolverine & Prototype had horrid graphics,but Logan is cooler than Mercer so...

It might feel weird saying this but Prototype feels too much like a low budget game - lousy gfx,extremely bad story,uninspired and boring environment,badly done sidequests and cheap bosses that have crazy amt of hp to extend gameplay time. Mercer is also the worst main character of the 4 games. He/It is just a mindless killing machine that goes round slaughtering people in hopes of getting answers by doing so.The twist in the end was hilariously bad too.

Gun_Senshi3790d ago

Prototype is horrible and I have the superior verson on PC.

skeletonss3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

really? Grow up.

EDIT OHHHH a ps3 fanboy with a superior computer. Go figure.

Gun_Senshi3790d ago

On PC Prototype has way better graphics then consoles and better resolution with AA and everything, includes also better Controls and Mods.

Saaking3790d ago

So skeleton, if we have a PS3 we can't have a PC? What the hell's the matter with you?

Gamer11113790d ago

your right i have a superior PC makeing most of the feature on the ps3 useless to me...still waiting for gow gt5 and uncharted least ill get to play a old game again i have played so many times on blu-ray (gow 1 & 2)to pass some time....but not really ill have halo odst, forza 3, l4d 2, mw many games

Gamer11113790d ago

oo and my Superior PC does blu-ray. ahahah

wxer3790d ago

ps3 games are not compatible with PC
WTF are you trying to say ?

Foliage3790d ago

He's trying to say that he has no reason to ever buy a 360 since their games are mostly on PC, but still needs a PS3 to play true exclusive games that also happen to be the best games from each and every genre.

He also slammed the 360 by stating that not only does the PS3 have a bluray player, but so can PCs, while the 360 only has an old outdated DVD player that isn't suited for HD content.

Although a top of the line rig might match some features on the PS3, on the other hand it completely blows away the 360 and it plays most of the 360 games to boot.

I always thought Gamer1111 was the biggest fanboy on this website, this bashing the 360 from him has got to have most people confused. I'm guessing he was trying to defend the 360 but didn't have enough intelligence to do so. It's hard to defend such a terrible product and Gamer1111 is just not up for the job.

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belal3790d ago

i liked them both, the story in prototype wasnt to shabby. but overall, infamous is a better game, with tight gameplay, really good presission and awesome story.

BUT prototype is worth buying, i got the game for like half the price in canada( 20 or something) and i really enjoyed playing it.

as for infamous vs prototype, the winner is clearly infamous.

RealityCheck3790d ago

Played them both and I think they were both great games, each with their unique style. People not playing one or the other just because of some allegiance are missing out on some fun gameplay.

I would look forward to sequels to both games to be honest.

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