Modern Warfare 2 unplayable with an arcade-stick?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 photos from a fan made Arcade-Stick.

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tdrules3789d ago

saw this on Shoryuken, the people on IW forums cant recognise amazing work when they see it

Dellis3789d ago


peeps3789d ago

why lol so a few individuals can get a major advantage over every other player?

Pandamobile3788d ago

Peeps, it's not hard to plug a mouse in.

Dellis, if you really want to use a mouse, grab one of those FragFX controllers. It works well in every FPS (KZ2 being the exception because of its sluggish movement). They're under $100. If you really want to use a mouse, get that.

shutupandplay3789d ago

I dunno about an arcade stick, but it`s pretty miserable with a ps3 controller. I tried COD4 on ps3 once, geez I felt like I had hoofs for hands.

Xlll3788d ago

Right sure it did troll.

Pandamobile3788d ago

So the buttons on the arcade pad could act as WASD keys, and the joystick could provide 8 directions of aiming. It's like aiming with the D-pad...

Xlll3788d ago

actually with a Sawna stick if you hover your palm over the top it is pretty nice.

ZootHornRollo3788d ago

or you can just make a wire mod and rig up a mouse and keyboard like many people do. you cannot tell its a m&kb no matter what