New Alone in the Dark images

Eden Studios and Atari finally woke up and released these 2 new images of the promising Alone in the Dark, to be released at the end of the year on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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RedSeven4273d ago

Hopefully by this time developers will be able to actually make a decent multi platform game for the PS3.

Pheneus4273d ago

looks really good. I just hope that the story and atmosphere ends up being everything it is heralded to be.

The_Firestarter4272d ago

I'm having my doubts about this game. It reminds me of Prey. The concept was really good, but it was a partial let down upon release. IDK.......

Kuest4272d ago

I am DEFINITELY getting this game. Graphics are great! but to be honest... I'm getting this game for the gameplay (unlike anything I've ever seen) and just for the fact that the same guys who made RIddick- best game EVAR!