Dirt 2 Preview

From "Driving the cars in DIRT still an issue, you can't feel the weight of the car that much, especially in high speed corners and drifts, and the second problem is that the back of the car keeps going from right to left and left to right… endlessly in straight roads, and that is very annoying and sometimes could be very hard to control especially for the novice players, well I hope these problems would be fixed in the full version before the big release."

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immortal843792d ago

Yeah, the controls needs some time to get used to, but the game is very fun to play.

Daves3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Guess he hasn't yet got used to the controls.

Just as he hasn't got used to providing screen shots from DiRT *2*

Very unprofessional.

biloz3792d ago

whats wrong with the screen shots!

biloz3792d ago

Great preview, I cant wait for this game