Need for Speed Shift - No Demo Coming Before Release

Even though EA announced in spring that a demo of Need for Speed Shift will be available this summer, it looks like that the demo version isn't exactly just around the corner.

EA has released the following statement, answering the many community requests for a playable Shift demo to accompany all the preview material:

"In the last few weeks we've received a lot of messages and forum posts about a demo so we're currently looking into the feasibility of releasing a demo for SHIFT. We are committed to releasing the best Need for Speed game so we kept the entire team working on the game to make sure we release a really great experience.

We're really proud of what the guys at SMS and Black Box have created and we can't wait to get the game in your hands."

Without reading too much into this message, it pretty much states that EA isn't even sure if they will ever release a demo and certainly not before Shift hits the shelves on September 15th/17th.

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green3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I second that.No buy for me unless they release a demo to convince me that this is not just another Need for Speed game. Anyway, this game became a rental for me due to it's huge lack of content that EA expect me to pay full price for.Compared to other racing games 57 cars and 18 tracks compared to GT5's 1000 and 80 tracks and Forza 3's 400 cars and 104 tracks, Need for speed shift is seriously lacking.

NaViTo3787d ago

I'm not going to buy this game until I try it.

Greywulf3787d ago

You guys can make a demo. No excuse.

aksmashh3786d ago

Otherwise its not even worth a rental

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Daves3787d ago

Crunching like hell in order to get the game out with no time to set aside to branch off a demo.

I guess there will be a patch before a demo!

10TaTioN3787d ago

Then they say people pirate games.

I never buy games until i test them first.

At the moment i have 2 pre-orders already, Modern Warfare 2 and Heroes of Newerth, i've tried both (Beta). To be honest i think that all the games i've tried i've bought them LOL. Waste of money... <- !Not

lamigol3787d ago

I will buy Shift anyway, ive seen enough to convince me. Dirt 2 is a no go for me , hate the floaty cars gameplay. Shift does not look like any other NFS game, its a total redirection, if it were the same team then fine but its not.

Arsenal4Ever3787d ago

Yeah Dirt 2 feels kinda funny, especially in the air. From NFS videos, the cars just slide continuously. Not a good racing game imo.

TheColbertinator3787d ago

SHIFT might be good but they need a demo to prove it.I'm hoping EA reconsiders

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