10° 20 Years of ELSPA

When the trade organisation ELSPA formed in 1989 to become the first of its type in Europe, the games industry was a very different place. Independent publishers took the place of multi-national conglomerates, development costs ran into thousands instead of millions, and game development was led across Europe by the UK.

So with the changes that have taken place since - the industry's expansion into territories as vast as Asia and South Korea and its subsequent economic growth; the introduction of the internet - you might think that the role ELSPA conducts today, and the issues it faces on behalf of its members, would be entirely different.

But as the trade organisation marks its 20th anniversary this Sunday, September 6, it's clear that while technology and business models have advanced in leaps and bounds since the Mega Drive days, ELSPA is still fighting the same battles and providing the same services it always has, albeit in ways that are evolving as fast as the industry it represents.

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