Dutch Software Sales from September 5th

Today the Dutch Software Sales has been released, and we see 3 PS3 games, 1 Xbox 360 game, 4 Wii games and 2 PC games in the Top 10. Also we see that Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) is again back in the Top 10 from the overall sales. This is off course because of the new launch from the PS3 with the new price! Everyone wants to Play GTA4 again.

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commodore643788d ago

This reminds me of all the times Nasim posted Dutch, french and german VGchartz charts to counter the fact that the PS3 had barely caught up 1.3 million worldwide since 2006.

is it you nasim?

samich20073788d ago

lol :P no my name is Sami (nick: Samich2007) :P

ChickeyCantor3788d ago

Well samich,
According to the disagree, your nick is not Samich2007.
Welcome to the world of N4G.

commodore643788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Nasim is your brother?

Nasim is your sister?
oh that's Ultimolu.

skeletonss3788d ago

is just as bad without nasim. What happened with the japanese august numbers?