Sega partners up with digital novel masters for new PS3 title.

Everyone's favorite Japan-only game developer is teaming up with Sega for the revival of a classic genre on the PlayStation 3. First revealed in this week's Famitsu, Chunsoft's Imabikisou is a "sound novel" that promises to be so scary that you'll want to keep your friends close by when playing.

The storyline of Imabikisou revolves around a drug called "Vision" which seems to be responsible for a string of mysterious deaths. The game's main character and heroine, attempting to flee the curse of the drug, travel to a mansion that is believed to be the source of all the problems. There, they get themselves caught up in a mystery involving a strange flower, the Imabikisou of the title.

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ShAkKa4232d ago

the story sound interesting still need to see some gameplay or pics tought

Sevir044232d ago

interesting though is thats it appears to be an exclusive... i wonder if it's timed exclusive like VF5... weather or not it's still cool that ps3 still can muster exclusives from 3rd party. still it arouses interest

ITR4232d ago

Don't we have E-Readers and audio books for this?