Console Obsession: Madden NFL 10 Xbox 360 Review

Console Obsession:

The Madden franchise has been a long-term success for Electronic Arts, the yearly updates refining and improving on the basic ideas established with the first game. It was the personal project of founder Trip Hawkins, with former NFL head coach and commentator John Madden helping to design the playbook. This latest offering has new modes and improvements, but does it still reflect the sport and give users a good game?

As with other recent EA Sports titles, this is a good-looking title. Late afternoon sunlight casts shadows across the stadium, raindrops glisten on the camera lens and coaches prowl the sidelines waiting for the next play. Players move fluidly and with real weight, short animations showing their delight or disgust at how a play has gone. The TV-style presentation that surrounds the game is outstanding too, from the Extra Point show in Franchise mode to the pre-game animations.

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