Digital Chumps Review - Dissidia: Final Fantasy


Square(Enix)'s attempts to branch outside their RPG pedigree typically range from peculiar to questionably necessary. Einhänder was an exception, but the rule has been defined by titles like Driving Emotion Type S, The Bouncer, and Dirge of Cerberus. Not bad games, per say, but definitely not up to the impressive legacy left by their flagship Final Fantasy franchise. So when Dissidia was announced, my immediate flashbacks to Ehrgeiz (Square's previous attempt at creating a fighting game with a Final Fantasy flourish) weren't without merit. I smelled a fanboy cash-in, and, despite my adoration of 2008's Crisis Core, not much in the way of substantial entertainment.

Hasty generalization, indeed, because it turns out Dissidia: Final Fantasy is one of the best games of PSP's 2009 lineup.

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