Forza Motorsport 3 Xbox 360 Painting Gameplay - PAX 09

IGN: First walkthrough of Forza Motorsport 3 livery editor from PAX 09.

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THE MAX SPEED 213793d ago

In what way can people Bad mouth this unless they are stupid retarted fanboys?

people with common sense all know this game will be sweet.

Rockman is my weak spot!

navyguy213793d ago

The new logos are badass!! Cant wait to buy some from the revamped auction house!! (i suck at creating :P )

Bnet3433793d ago

It's a nice feature. The possibilities are endless. Can't wait for this.

life doomer3793d ago

this is much better than stupid rally and nascar racing in flopturismo 5.

Model3793d ago

Mario paint is better than this

PlayStation X3793d ago

o dear.

This game looks average. and the old NFS PS2 games have got better car customisations.

Narutone663793d ago

looks better than this game.

Chubear3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

WOW, THIS is supposed to go toe to toe with GT5? THIS?! lol, this is street racing need for speed type stuff. Can't believe 360 fanbase are hyping this! LOL!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

Go play Midnight Run or Need for Speed or any other racing games like these and have yourself a good street racing experience. Sim? LMAO!! XD

You guys are such SUCKERS! This is why companies like MS love people like you lol

talltony3793d ago

This is what forza does best. i loved the car customizing in forza 2.

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Berserk13793d ago

confirmed by N4G&life BOT

life doomer3793d ago

i am always right and i ain't no bot.

Sonyslave33793d ago

Sweet can we put Mature theme on are cars or it got to be pg 13.

DelbertGrady3793d ago

You want to make a Brokeback Mountain themed car?

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The story is too old to be commented.