Wizards of the Coast Looks to Perfect D&D Videogames

Wired: With Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers, Wizards of the Coast was able to create a low-impact entry point into their wildly popular collectable card game.

Last month, I called the Xbox Live download the ideal summer game. But at Penny Arcade Expo, Chris Perkins, Dungeons & Dragons creative manager (and the dungeon master on those wildly entertaining D&D Podcasts starring Gabe and Tycho) calls the game something else: "A lesson learned."

Perkins views the console incarnation of his company's flagship card game as "something we've done very right." His hope is to bring that kind of success to the venerable tabletop RPG brand that he's working to evolve. He sees the accessibility of Planeswalkers and asks himself, "can we replicate it" for Dungeons & Dragons? He hopes his company's unique partnership with Atari can help something he imagines come to pass.

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