OXCGN's Worst Games We've Played This Year – You Stinker


"You might be surprised by the games we'd call stinkers.

With AAA game season just around the corner (you know that special overcrowded time when the big games usually compete to get your attention and almighty cash), we thought we'd look back on the year so far and pick out some games from all platforms which wasted our time and money.

Sure, there may be more stinkers to come, but they usually don't dare to face off against the big end of year hitters."

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gaminoz4897d ago

A few from previous years there, but I'd agree with a lot of them...

Some I'm a bit surprised at, like Wolfenstein on PC and Ghostbusters (but I've not played it since it isn't released here in Oz on 360 yet!)

REALgamer4897d ago

The controls in Ghostbusters are a bit more of a challenge than they should be, but I'm enjoying Wolfenstein on PC at the moment happily enough. Kind of got put on hold when I started Batman though. =P

gaminoz4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )


I'm sure there were some bad PS3 games (many of the listed ones are multi plat.) they just didn't play them.

I for one was one of the few who thought though good Killzone 2 was way over-rated. It wouldn't be on my list of crap games this year, but it would be my most disappointing for sure.

I do play mostly on my 360, but usually love the exclusives on PS3: can't wait for Uncharted 2!!!

Press_Agree4897d ago

Worst Game Played all time - Halo 3 Press Agree

Godem4897d ago

funny article. Brings back some memories

hay4897d ago

Terminator Salvation for me. I was really hyped for it but in the end I played soulless shooter with airsoft guns shooting to plastic terminators... At least it gave me a feeling like this...

DuneBuggy4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Hey joker, wanna take a guess why no PS3 games were listed? The article is on a 360 fan site.
Man, some people get their "jollies" from the silliest observations.
No PS3 games were bashed in Motor Trends new cars for 2010 reviews either!

I liked Ghostbusters personally, but it was a little short.
I would have put Resident Evil V on the list.

vhero4897d ago

@DuneBuggy hate to burst your bubble here mate but they mention wii games so there obviously including other consoles so how about you get your facts straight before you start spouting crap huh?

Karum4897d ago

There are PS3 games in there, Terminator Salvation was also on the PS3, obviously the person listing it played the 360 version and listed that.

Think people, it's not as hard as you may have heard.

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REALgamer4897d ago

Got to say though I did recently try Two Worlds on PC - not a bad game at all to me, just difficult for it to compete with Oblivion.

A game I played this year that I know I should have liked but didn't was Metroid Prime 3. I recently got a Wii in addition to my 360 and PS3, and seeing great reviews of Metroid Prime 3 and lots of positive comments I tried it out.

I guess it's just not a fit for me. I failed to see what the fuss was about, kind of seemed a bit boring and pedestrian, despite liking other similar exploration FPS like Bioshock and Deus Ex 2. =S

Cajun Chicken4897d ago

Betheo made me lol, I thought by this point, everyone knew 'Acid was a turn based card game and didn't have gameplay like the 'Solid series, even I don't know much about Metal Gear and I'm not really a huge fan, but I know that.

"I will admit it was my first MGS game, and the style it was done in just confused the hell out of me. The graphics were nice enough, but I prefer to be able to move the character myself, not have to take turns with annoying cards."


Two words; Portable Ops

I just find it personally funny. Brings a whole new meaning to 'look at the back of the box'.

gaminoz4897d ago

I never understood card based games myself. Yeah reading the back is a good idea, but who would have thought MGS video game would be a card game?

kaveti66164897d ago

Aside from that crappy joke, the article was cool. I haven't played any of the games on the lists except for World at War, and I agree that WaW has a major problem. It is a blatantly linear game. Every FPS is linear in some form, but often times the devs try to make it seem less linear by allowing the environment to be traversed in multiple ways, but when I played the first few levels of World at War, I was frustrated by the fact that I had to walk in a preset path in the jungles and could clearly see that buildings or bungaloes that I wasn't allowed to explore were very un-detailed and blocky. I really didn't like that about WaW. Halo 3 is like that as well, and it annoys me but not as much for some reason.

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