Ratchet & Clank Graphics Improve

Much like Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 2; it seems that Insomniac has also improved various aspects of the engine for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank.

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THE MAX SPEED 213798d ago

well the pictures arent even @ high resolution so how do they know the graphics improved? And it only been like 1 month in a half since comic-con.

either way Ratchet looks sweet.

DrWan3798d ago

U can't tell from crap ass pic, aint' buying into that hype. even though i like RC

Cwalat3798d ago

If you'd listen to the Full Moon show then you'd know by now that there is constant graphics improvement towards the end of Insomniac's game developments, always.

Brian Allgeier, the creative director said "It's just amazing to see how the graphics and overall look of the game has changed in the 2 week time period."

Even though these images shown are very pixelated and lowres, you can still see that the armour of ratchet has changed, and the face is also improved.

InsomniGod, NaughtyGod and SantaMoniGod... There really isn't need for more after this.

andron3797d ago

It looks much better than Tools of Destruction, and that game didn't look half bad to begin with...

hakis863797d ago

I am so buiyng this!

They are getting my hopes up for Resistance 3 as well.. I bet it will be the best - and best looking of course - Resistance game.

zeeshan3797d ago

Many people love Resistance but I hope they do something else. Maybe a new IP perhaps? If they are going to do Resistance then it should be simply mind blowing. GG has set the bar extremely high and I think Insomniac should take some time to meet the high standards set by a PS3 exclusive itself. Every PS3 shooter will probably get compared with KZ2 and it'll be damn difficult to top KZ2 every time.

DaTruth3797d ago

Killzone 2 and LBP ruined Resistance for me! I only played through the campaign once and I had some good time with the MP, but not nearly what I would have wanted.

cayal3797d ago

"Many people love Resistance but I hope they do something else. Maybe a new IP perhaps?"

They did open a new studio so the new IP is possible, actually I think they did say they were working on a new one.

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Kamikaze1353798d ago

But the resolution these pictures are shown it really sucks. It's hard to tell the difference.

VegaShinra3798d ago

You can see the shadows are darker tho in the newer screens on his face.

cmrbe3798d ago

this is the the PS3 we are talking about. Not the x360.

JonnyBigBoss3798d ago

Do I dare say this will be the best looking comic-art looking game on the market once it's released?

Karum3797d ago

You may dare.

It'll be replacing the previous champ, Tools of Destruction.

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The story is too old to be commented.