Best Buy Bounces Back with 10% Increase in Share Price

Koku Gamer writes: "This news is coupled with the company's 'buy one get one half-price' deals, which has seen Xbox 360 gamers able to buy a full-priced game and receive another one for half-price. A similar PS3 deal will be hitting Best Buy stores this weekend."

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PshycoNinja3794d ago

I had the chance to buy shares last week, but no I thought they were going to go down. Damn you common sense.

Hagaf223794d ago

we could share shares if you dont mind sharing shares.

SupaPlaya3794d ago

Let's share common sense while we are at it. At least it'll be truly "common" then.

SupaPlaya3794d ago

How many shares would you like to share if you don't mind sharing your shares.

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Hagaf223794d ago

well all im gunna say is they have kept the ps3 slims in stock since release, and they are selling, thats bound to help sales. plus without circuit city they dont have a real competition... go best buy!!

Hagaf223794d ago

aka ps3 slim saves best buy lol

A HiFi3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

See, I'm not sure if their whole game deal thing right now is due to good gaming business or bad gaming business...

But I presume the introduction of the PS3 deal is because of the Slim going down a storm?

Carnage12903794d ago

Wish I lived closer to a Best Buy, I would go there a lot more.

shiner3793d ago

I hear ya. I used to live 45 mins. away to the closest one and only got there about three times a year. But, the Gods must have answered my prayers because they built one not even a half mile from my house! It opens at the end of this month and they'll know me by name by Christmas!

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