GameSpot: Forza Motorsport 3 Updated Impressions - Livery Editor and Storefront

GameSpot writes: "Though Forza Motorsport 3 is every bit the simulation racing game its two predecessors were, developer Turn 10 Studios has added a number of features designed to ease in novice players, including the ability to rewind time after a crash and enable assists that handle all the braking for you. But go a step further and there exists a side of Forza 3 that has the possibility of appealing to players who aren't into driving at all. That would be Forza 3's artistic side, the livery editor that allows players to create their own custom vinyl and paint jobs. Here at PAX 2009, we recently had a chance to meet with Turn 10 community manager Che Chou and senior game designer Bill Giese to see the new livery editor and some of the ways artists can share their work online in the new storefront system".

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INC NATE21313798d ago

This game looks so crazy i dont even know what to say, all i know is that this game will sell like 5 million on day one, all the non racing fans will love this game because it appeals to the casual racer as well and gives you the most hardcore racing game at the same time WOW! so getting the special edition, gives you all future dlc downloads!

pppppeach3798d ago

Or I will flip lol......

BEST RACE GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~one