The PS3 Slim Buyer's Guide

Gamer Limit writes "The PlayStation 3 (PS3), or PS-Triple, has finally come around all guns blazing, releasing a trimmed down version of the console for a more affordable price. For those who've decided to join the bulimic party, we've compiled a list of games that you should get cracking with, or alternately urinate on before they burn your eyes."

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Saaking3787d ago

So many great games. Um... where to begin!?! New PS3 owners are going to be overwhelmed with so many great true exclusives.

Fullish3787d ago

For every good exclusive the PS3 has, the Xbox has 2

wxer3787d ago

try harder

and oh
is it only me
or Fullish almost sounds like "full of sh1t" ??

cmrbe3787d ago

Yeah Section 8, Ninja Blade and Halo Ware are stellar x360 exclusives eh?.

You should change your name to foolish.

Kamikaze1353787d ago

Is that why the 360 is only getting 3 worthwhile exclusives this year and the PS3 is getting around 9 or 10?

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StartWars3787d ago

Killzone 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift should also have been included, I feel. Every PS3 Bulimia owner should also be in good supply of Slim Fast, just in case it reverts to its old habits and gains a few GBs.

NewZealander3787d ago

nice guide.

i bought two of the games listed with my slim, mgs4 4 and uncharted, unfortunatly i have to wait till the fix the update before getting back into uncharted.

i actually (dont shoot me) didnt really like KZ2, its nice to look at but just a bit too hardcore for my likeing.

umair_s513787d ago

Valkyria Chronicles should be up there for fans of Strategy games

Poopface the 2nd3787d ago

NZ guy I had the same problem with UC. This might help if you really want to play it.

1. use a usb memory stick and the backup utility to backup your data. then sync your trophy data to the psn servers(as it wont backup your trophies on the usb stick)

2. Use the 'format utility' or 'restore ps3 system' to do a QUICK FORMAT of the ps3.

3. use the saved data to restore you saves and settings.

After doing this I was able to get uncharted to load up my game again. Unfortunately if it freezes again you will most likely have to do it again.

Im not sure if this will work for you, but so far Ive done this about 3 or 4 times and it has worked for a while after each time.

BulletToothtony3787d ago

RFoM.. man i love that game so much... best launch title hands down!!

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chrisjc3787d ago

It's impossible to list all the good PS3 titles, but I think he did a good job mentioning the starter ones :D

TheGameLlama3787d ago

Even getting just the few he mentioned will cost you a month's rent. :P Is the Slim PS1 and PS2 compatible? Hope so, I want one. Still, if a game has a multiplatform release I'll still get it on 360 because of achievements, and many others will do the same...

cmrbe3787d ago

KZ2 for the teenagers, Get RC for kids, Get Uncharted and MGS4 for adults and get LBP for everyone. Simple.

Cajun Chicken3787d ago

Just get Uncharted. Best introduction to the PS3 experience still to this day. Followed by Little Big Planet, because the user generated levels keep that going for ages, oh, and Warhawk.

Make sure you buy Uncharted.

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The story is too old to be commented.