1UP: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Heroes First-Look Preview

1UP writes: "Outside of Ty the Tazmanian Tiger and a pair of surfing simulation titles, Krome Studios' tends to base its projects on preexisting properties. Star Wars games? Check. Viva Pinata minigame spinoff? Yes. Sequels to the Spyro the Dragon franchise? Of course. What's encouraging though, is how none of them has been abominably terrible -- some have even been moderately well received by critics (see: Scene It: Box Office Smash). Hopefully Krome's loyalty to licensees will one day allow for another opportunity to break free from licensed shackles and develop an original, internally conceived IP (similar to the story behind Radical Entertainment's Prototype). Until then we're stuck with Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, and frankly, it's not something I'm all that devastated about being stuck with".

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