FFXIII PS3 HAS Been Adversely Affected By 360

Shak @ writes:

"We look at how Final Fantasy XIII has been affected by multiplatform development, and why it would not have been the case if the game was exclusive to one platform."

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The Wood3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Then it has been affected if not then it would be too hard to prove so lets wait and see.

SE would be dumb to admit it so the proof really is in the pudding

GrieverSoul3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Either fanboy or not, either console war exists or not, we all knew that one version would suffer due to the multiplatform status the game suffered.

The only thing I truly hope is that they keep the original Japanese voices in the PS3 version. I have a feeling they might cut out that feature to provide equal products in the market. Either that or increase the number of DVDs in the X360 version. I just hope they find a way to please everyone a find a way to provide the original voices.I love the japanese voices in japanese RPGs. ;)

I know they said that but its so stupid to deny that to those who have the chance to get it just because others dont have a way get it on disc. Im hoping the final product will surprises us.
**fingers crossed**

Game13a13y3792d ago

but dumping down the PS3 version to make it equal to the 360? thats just plain wrong. last time i checked, it is the PS fans who bought most of your games and made you whatever you are today, SE!! good job on turning the back on your fans!!

jack_burt0n3792d ago


They already said no japanese voice track due to space.

3792d ago
Immortal Kaim3792d ago

What is this, like the tenth story this week on the same subject matter? I think it's about time everyone got over it, you're tainting your impression of the damn game before you have even played it.

No amount of whining and moaning is going to change the fact that the game is now multiplatform, buy the game on PS3 and be done with it, jesus.

Shadow Flare3792d ago

360 has yet to surpass uncharted 1 in graphics

PS3 has surpassed uncharted 1 with killzone 2. And its gonna surpass it again with uncharted 2. And again with god of war 3, heavy rain and gran turismo 5

Final Fantasy XIII could have been up there with ps3's best. But instead, square held back its potential and brought it down to the console which still hasn't surpassed ps3's 2007 title.

A year more on the market, easier to develop for and it still has nothing that comes close to touching ps3's best titles. No standard hard drive, a last generation media format...someone tell how that doesn't hold back what ps3 could have produced?


Aquanox3792d ago

Another "great" article by the reliable and totally unbiased ""

Come on!...

ChozenWoan3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

and a PS3 gamer at that, I don't care that it's coming to 360. I do care that it's taken twice as long to arrive and has been gimped. SE could have just used the White Engine and created another engine for the 360 while finishing the PS3 version, instead they started completely over with a multiplatform engine. This Automatically means the game has been modified from it's original form.

Also, while for the most part the core gameplay likely has not suffered as much as the graphics, there has likely been some level design changes. Especially when it comes to the world map, which has likely been altered to prevent constant disc swapping from players going back to earlier parts of the game. There is also a worse case scenario in which the game has been made extremely linear, similar to most FPS nowadays. Either way the original masterpiece FF13 was going to be has been altered.

OmarJA3792d ago

Sadly the 360 has gimped around 54.2% from the original PS3 version but i'll get the game anyway...

Aquanox3792d ago

Whoever thinks this is true please tell me which was the console that downgraded MGS4 on the PS3?

Also, the Demo was built around PS3 since the Xbox 360 deal had been sealed very short before. If an Xbox 360 Demo is released and look as good or slightly better than that demo then all this talk will be buried.

Death3792d ago

Xbox 360 has yet to surpass Uncharted in graphics? So what. I am fairly confident devs are not in business to make the prettiest graphics. They want to sell games. I can name a few games that have sold much better on the 360 than Uncharted has, but can't name any games that have sold better on the PS3 than Halo. At the end of the day the devs are in the business to make money.


gambare3792d ago

"I can name a few games that have sold much better on the 360 than Uncharted has, but can't name any games that have sold better on the PS3 than Halo. At the end of the day the devs are in the business to make money."

Wii Fit sold way more than Halo and it's better than Halo?

Shadow Flare3792d ago

How are you enjoying playing sales? Good game is it? How far are you? Is it fun playing sales? If you like sales s much, you should have bought a wii, and only a wii. Me? I'm playing games that can't even be done on your console.

The Wood3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

damn man. I always had you as a gamer with a preference for the 360 then you type that crap. When did we care about the devs so much. If they make a great game then good, we'll pay for their game and keep them afloat but you ask your favorite dev for rent money when you've lost your job (hope you dont btw) They wouldnt know who the ef you were and wouldnt give a d about your life so why is sellz more important than integrity again??. Wii fit must be right up there on your list of quality titles and the gt franchise must PWN the forza franchise by 8 times if we use that sales chart as the gage of quality...tut tut

some of 360 guys love to act like patcher sometimes yet you DONT get paid for it and its sad. For the final time SALES DO NOT EXCLUSIVELY EQUATE TO QUALITY. Fiats sell tons more than farraris but what would you rather have?



.......well you know what says.......the opposite.

in fact as I'm reading it THEY said ps3's version was the version that gimped both cause of it's slow blu-ray drive and 256 of GDDR3.

come on what do you expect both websites to say.....

Sarcasm3792d ago

"I am fairly confident devs are not in business to make the prettiest graphics."

Let's just ignore all the developers spending millions of dollars to make better graphics engines. Oh and the PR statements that says "Our sequel has better graphics than the last game." Oh and the millions of gamers who spend $2k on their computers for better graphics.

Sales are sales, but the real devs are the ones aiming to push the boundary, innovate, and of course that means PRETTIER GRAPHICS.

And what's better? A good game that sells poorly or a poor game that sells millions?

Give me the good game that sells poorly.

Death3792d ago

I own a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii. I also have a decent PC. I am playing what ever I want. I am also old enough to know that devs make games to sell, not to look pretty.

As for Wii Fit being better than Halo. From a publishers point of view it cost less to create and sold more. It is definately the more successful product. That is what determines success when selling a product. As a gamer, we look at things differently. The majority of people crying about Square also seem to think they have an unlimited budget and don't need to make money. That is where fans and reality take different turns.


v1c1ous3792d ago

i didn't know we had so many squeenix employees in n4g who know what's going on inside square

DaTruth3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

That's your first problem! The devs I buy games from are in the business of making great games; Yours are in the business of selling lots of games!

That's why I have great games and you have great sales! Enjoy your sales!

@below: There is nothing to b1tch about, your version of Bioshock wasn't downgraded!

3792d ago
REbirth3792d ago

i think u owned that bot fan:)


rockleex3792d ago

Millions of gamers have played it.

The newest versions of FFXIII does not look as good. That means it has been downgraded.

I'll leave it up to you guys to conclude what led FFXIII to its current downgraded state.

jadenkorri3792d ago

its called progress, by you logic, your fine with playing snes graphics, as long as the game is good. Oh and BTW, devs are in the business of creating best graphics, its what differs between one game to the next. Since were talking final Fantasy, I believe 1-12 obviously throughout the series, "graphics" was improved from 1 console to the next consoles. I don't recall them going back to pixel art on a next generation console. It's so obvious that FF13 has been downgraded on the ps3 to fit with the 360. The demo of a game in early development does not get downgraded, if anything it gets better. By pics from what i've seen and can compare with old/new, its obvious its been downgraded. Any person with a a reasonable mentality can see it, but then again 360 fanboys aren't reasonable.

theunknown3792d ago

What does gameplay have to do with multiplatforming?

nightelfmohawk3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The more information that comes out about how gimped the game is becoming due to SE's stubborn determination to make the games identical on both platforms, the less interested I become in the game. I may end up passing on the game. Honestly, I haven't enjoyed a FF game since FF Tactics and FF VII, and I still consider FF III/VI to be the best FF game of all time.

I may wait for FF Versus XIII and pass on FF XIII unless SE fixes these glaring issues that gimp this game before launch.

Christopher3792d ago

I've been turned off ever since they decided against Japanese voice tracks just to keep it the same as the 360.

Look, it's fine you want to get a bigger piece of the pie, but there's no way in hell I'm going to take you seriously with your comments or your game, no matter who you are, when you can provide something but choose not to due to limitations of the other platform and then continue to say nothing is affected.

evilmonkey5013792d ago

Here is the truth: Microsoft paid squareenix upwards of 70 million dollars for square to break their exclusivity with Sony over ff13. A few of the stipulations were that the game had to be identical or better on the xbox, and that the ps3 version could not contain any "extras" that the xbox version wouldn't be able to include. There ya go.
That answers every question. Don't even expect dlc for the ps3 version.
Buy white knight chronicles instead if this bugs you ps3 guys. I am.

Christopher3792d ago

The sad thing is that you're probably not at all far from the truth.

cyberwaffles3792d ago

"From a publishers point of view it [Wii sports] cost less to create and sold more. It is definately the more successful product."

you're forgetting that we are not the producers of that game, just the consumers.

i had more fun playing free flash games on the internet than wii sports as a whole. if anything its sad to see so many people buy such lame products and ignore the good stuff that actually comes once in a blue moon for the wii.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

all disagrees and no talk.

"The proof is the FFXIII demo that was on FF7:ACC's Japanese Bluray version.
Millions of gamers have played it.

The newest versions of FFXIII does not look as good. That means it has been downgraded.

I'll leave it up to you guys to conclude what led FFXIII to its current downgraded state. "

......hasn't anyone thought to them selves that the demo had blemishes.

you guys crack me up.

it's amazing how people admit that they PLAYED the demo and not point out these blemishes people were talking about were in the demo as well. (it's a dumb cover up)

ultimolu3792d ago

Careful guys, the other side might think you're *whining* because a highly anticipated game like FFXIII is being gimped just to accommodate the 360...

gaffyh3792d ago

@fanboys Aquanox etc. - if you actually read the article you'd see that it isn't about graphics at all, it's about gameplay.

3792d ago
Jecht3792d ago

I know that this is off topic but, I just couldn't stand it anymore..

Death, you know we can see your name at the top right? It says your name just above your avatar. Do you see it? You don't have to put your name at the end of every post. We know who you are. Just like we know who JOY is (JokesOnYou) and he does the same thing (maybe dual accounts? just saying). We get it, your name is Death, it describes the life of your arguments, we don't need to see it everywhere. Yeah, I know this is a pointless rant, but I just got annoyed of seeing "Death" everywhere bad arguments were.

On Topic: I knew that the 360 would gimp FFXIII the second that SE announced that the White Engine was being changed to a multiplatform engine and called it "Crystal Tools". That was months before the 360 version was announced. I knew that the 360 would get FFXIII then because there was really know reason to make that big a deal of announcing a multiplatform engine unless you already had something in mind for it, and since the only game in development using the engine at the time was FFXIII, with no further announced games to be using it, I simply put 2 and 2 together. And it's certainly NOT a stretch of the imagination to know that the 360 would force compromises to be made to the PS3 version.

Hell, for all we know, the PS3 version has been done for awhile now, only SE held it back to see how the 360 version would turn out, and once the weaknesses showed, they pulled out the PS3 version and altered it accordingly. Anyone who DOESN'T think that the PS3 version was gimped obviously doesn't understand the huge differences in capability between the two consoles. PS3 pushes games to their limits, 360 is content with the status quo.

Poopface the 2nd3792d ago

I will poop on them to make you people happy.

Ravage273792d ago

List of (75%)confirmed gimps: Less CGI,no japanese voice over and reduced polygon counts on character models.

SE will keep denying it (they are not THAT stupid) but even without reading the in-depth articles on the downgrading, i KNOW it has been gimped. SE was known for producing RPGs that pushes the console it's running on to its limits. Yet after so MANY years of development....this is all we got? Yes it doesn't look bad, but this is all the Final Fantasy team can do??

Alvadr3792d ago

Just accept it, crying wont change anything, it will still be a great game and im still looking forward to it.

ryuyasho3792d ago

a solution.... cancel the Xbox version. retouch the ps3 version(to where it was originally intended in the first place, or boost it up to the max), make the game longer, add at least 3 more languages besides ENG n JAP Audio Tracks, Xbox consumer go buy a reliable console($299.99, no more "Expensive" Excuses cheap wussies) in which they'll play countless RPG's HOURS without the fear that your console will die on you and everybody will be happy like a pigeon surrounded by bread crumbs...BRRRR OOOo OOOOo

3791d ago
napoleon_ist3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

uncharted games are there "to make shine the PS3".

i still remember all the buzz about gears of war, than bioshock, than gears of war 2 graphics, with all these xbots telling the xbox360 had the most beautiful games blablabla and the ps3's rfom was ugly compared with these, now things have changed since uncharted, killzone 2 and uncharted 2.

imtiyaz63791d ago

last gen almost all the multiplatform games looked better on the xbox. i dont remember sony payin EA or Activision or any other companies to make the games look identicle....This proves how desperate microsoft really is to beat sony!!! I think bill gates has made this console war thing personal.

Jecht3791d ago

Here's the problems with your arguments...

"square enix will do what they want, and if you dont like it dont buy the fricken game."

if by "doing what they want" you mean purposely downgrading the quality of the game's graphics, content, and possibly gameplay, why would you support that in any way? Not buying the game will be met by an extreme by SE in that they will completely stop making that game period instead of making it better. Plus, just accepting this kind of attitude will show other devs that they can do the same thing and be met with no criticism.

"oh also, im sure most of you forget but square and enix got most of their sales from nintendo long before sony started releasing their games"

speaking as someone who's played, and owns, every FF game except for FFXI, I can say two things. A)What the hell does that matter? and B)FFVII sold 9 million copies in it's lifetime, and exactly what console was that game sold for?

"and for the record, who decided that great games have to have amazing graphics. we know the 360 wont produce graphics as well as the ps3, so what. i personally enjoy both systems but ill probably buy this game on 360 as i dont mind changing disks. i enjoy talking to my friends with the voip on live while i play games, is this a crime?"

If it were just the graphics, I don't think it would be so big a deal. However, content is obviously being removed (i.e. Jap. V.O.'s) and we don't know the true extent that the PS3 version has been changed to accommodate the 360 version, which is being sold to a fanbase that has PROVEN they have NO interest in JRPG's (look at how abysmally they have sold on the 360), and that's what we have a problem with. Your reasons for buying the 360 version are your own.

Face the facts. Downgrading a game, especially to suit an audience that has shown a proven apathy to its genre, is wrong. As consumers looking for the best bang for their buck, we have the right to expect the best as we are paying for the best. Failure to deliver that should not be met with an "oh well, what can you do", SE should know that they are wrong, their practices are wrong, and they will be criticized for it.

IronAva3791d ago

I did not want to get in this but oh well I will. So I own all three and I play Games not SYSTEMS or sales. There are a few post up above ripping death about playing the sales card. Well I find that strange because if my memory serves me right there were tons of Sony fans going nuts about how PS3 is 299.99 and the 360 will not match it in SALES starting next week. Now am I the only one that can see the double-standard here.

I love N4G because sometimes the site can be informative but the comments on this site are crazy. We all have a right to say what we want. Only problem here is alot of the pots are calling the kettles black.

As always, play GAMES not SYSTEMS

IdleLeeSiuLung3790d ago

If you want to blame someone, blame it on Sony for failing to be dominant console maker this generation or better yet, just the dominant console in the HD space!

Other people you can blame are the consumers for NOT buying the PS3. However, that is understandable.

However, worst of all, it is the fanbois fault for blindly buying everything Sony puts out. That just artificially increases the price and allows Sony to put out over priced products excarcebating the problem.

Don't blame the 360, blame yourself!!!

Jecht3790d ago

That is the biggest piece of 360 fanbot B.S. I've ever heard in my life. The blame rests squarely on Microsoft for their demands, and SE for their greed. Not for the fan/installed base of the PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Sorry, but greed is what drives this companies to create a product that the public is willing to buy. Greed is what drives capitalism. However, Sony fanbois like to label others and blame stuff on the other successful competing company!!!

Jecht3790d ago

it is precisely microsoft's fault, as well as SE's. microsoft played on SE's greed, SE were stupid and short-sighted and didn't do good market research. hence ps3 supporters have every right to be upset with the cause of a downgraded game, which are microsoft and SE. greed is merely the catalyst, it is up to the devs to follow through. microsoft also made demands, and you better believe that those demands are that both games are equal, hence it is AGAIN microsoft's fault that the ps3 version is NOT at its best. you can try to defend microsoft and SE all you want in the typical fanbot way you do, but the fact of the matter is that microsoft and SE are to blame for a weakened game. SE used to push console limits, now they are content to make mediocre games as long as microsoft foots the bill for the difference.

IdleLeeSiuLung3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Clearly you like to play the blame game and blame everyone else for how things went. Sure MS AND SE is greedy just like Sony.

It is as much of faiilure for Sony to not secure Final Fantasy as an exclusive as much as it is MS for obviously wanting a slice of that business. Any moron can see that unless you are among the few fanbois that believes the developer/publisher owes them any sort of loyalty to anything, but the dollar.

There is nothing sort sighted about this and it is pretty obvious that SE recognized that they could sell to vastly more people that will enjoy the game regardless of how much fanboys will b*tch and moan like a spoiled child. If people gobbled up the PS3 like they did the Wii we wouldn't have this discussion now. So who's fault is it?

Jecht3789d ago

It's clear you know nothing about anything because this move by SE is incredibly flawed and short sighted. They have brought their best selling franchise to a console whose fanbase has PROVEN they have NO interest in the entire genre that this game is based in. By going mutltiplat, they have to develop for the lowest common denominator (i.e. the 360), which reduces the quality of what it COULD have been to something far less which will alienate the fanbase of the franchise who, for generations, have come to expect that the first FF game of a new console would push that consoles limits. FFXIII is NOT that game thanks to MS. So, consumers who bought a PS3 expecting the best FF game they could play, now have to settle for something less than the best.

This move has sent a message, from SE to the fanbase that built them (and yes, that fanbase is comprised of largely Playstation fans), that they care nothing about them. That too is short sighted since it is that fanbase that lines SE's pockets with cash by buying their games. So yes, they do have to have a certain level of loyalty to the people that give them their money in the first place. The blame is CLEARLY on MS and SE's shoulders.

To recap. 360 = disinterested in JRPG's (look at the sales, since you fanbots love to tout them so much).

PS3 = Proven fanbase going back two console generations, expecting the best FF game since SE had a history of delivering that, and instead being told "f*ck you" and receiving a clearly downgraded game and lies after lies after lies. Also, because of this move, FFVSXIII now must be FORCED to be downgraded because SE won't want to alienate the 360 users, who again don't care about JRPG's, by putting a clearly better looking/playing and fully loaded FFXIII game on the PS3 alone.

The blame for this downgraded game is on MS and SE.

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corywebb933792d ago

to get the exclusive dlc off this game 2 days after its realease on the xbox 360

itchy183792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )



why won't your bubbles die?

NegativeCreep4273792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What a day to forget my "Dipsh*t Xbot Troll" Repellant spray (which basically smells like young attractive, ditsy females). I think Batman has one of those in his action belt as well.

Game13a13y3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

huh... you think you can make it passed Chapter 2-1 without the crapbox 54.2 crapping itself out on you? good luck, may be then you can go download this "dilusional" DLC that you dreamt about

TheTeam063792d ago

After 3 discs and the game still isn't done, how else are you gonna finish the game?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"FFXIII PS3 HAS Been Adversely Affected By 360"

ps3 fanboy "MGS4 looks out of this world!!!!!"


2008 rolls by.

ps3 fanboy "oh my god, MGS4 looks 10 times better than it did before."

ps3 fanboy "FF13 looks so freaking awesome!!!!"

2009 goes by.

ps3 gamer "uhhhhh hold up 360 clearly crapped the graphics down, you can see it plane as day"

I'm guessing to think like a ps3 gamer you gotta think backwards.......or not think at all.

Ilikegames763792d ago

torrent this game for the xbox and give it to my cousin who has an xbox 360. Then I'll probably buy FFv13 for my PS3.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"torrent this game for the xbox and give it to my cousin who has an xbox 360."

you want to see your cousin get banned?

why don't you go and steel it at a game store, cause that's exactly what torrent downloading is.

Nelson M3791d ago

What like GTA4 DLC !!

Your still waiting for the second installment a year and a half later
Thy Silly Little BoT

Narutone663791d ago

complaining about piracy. Serves them right for supporting a console with a last gen optical media which is so easily pirated.

Wiitactics3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

It's not just about graphics xbots, it is about the content that will be left out just because of your Sh1tbox360's DVD9 space limitation. I don't think MGS4 would have been the same GODLY game if it were on the sh1tbox... Too many awesome cut-scenes and content to fit on 4 DVD's.

Didn't you read the article about Tales of Vespeira PS3 and all the new content that it'll have that was left out of the X360 version because of space limitations? Well Square's going to offer that content that was left out of FFXIII thanks to the sh1tbox as DLC and considering how much xbots like to give to MS then... You know the rest of the story. A rip-off. Something like all those stories from developers that want to give free stuff on LIVE to the Xbots but Microsh1t does not let them.

Taking out japanese voice acting of the PS3 version to keep both versions equal it's just the first step of a major downgrade thanks to Microsh1t and their Crapbox. ;_;

+ Show (8) more repliesLast reply 3791d ago
gerol3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

also the graphics i think...

Darrius Cole3792d ago

I had forgotten about that E3 2006 Trailer. It looks so much better than what we are actually going to get. Now I am depressed.

jadenkorri3791d ago

i suspect when ff13 releases on 360 and ps3, its going to look better on the 360 than the ps3...but what will be epically hilarious will be the fact the demo looks better than the final product on both.

cmrbe3792d ago

it is not gimped. lol!.

Panthers3792d ago

"We're really trying to create the same exact experience for both platforms. "

This quote was given by some head guy at SE. This confirms that they made compromises because they are not taking advantage of the hardware.

Death3792d ago

Square was simply saying the core gameplay experience would be the same. Uncharted seems to be the popular go to game so we will use it as an example. Do you think Uncharted on Joe Gamers 20" standard def TV plays any different than it does on a 40" 1080p HDTV? It may not look as nice, but the core game play expeience will not differ. That is the goal for any multi-platform game regardless of what console it is on.


Silverwolf3792d ago

we still have versus! Hopefully this will stay exclusive, just because I would hate for it to get downgraded.

GrieverSoul3792d ago

Lets us hope VS gets released before the sun dies out! ;)

Death3792d ago

Why would it be any different?


sunil3792d ago

Even if vs XIII stayed exclusive, I highly doubt if it will even come close to UC2 / Heavy Rain graphics

Like the support SE gave PS2 last gen, this gen they have decided to support 360

How many games has SE released on the PS3?

theunknown3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

But we're still talking about Final Fantasy here.