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Destructoid writes: "What's the point in making a multiplayer game for consoles if nobody is going to play it on consoles? How exactly do you review a game you can hardly play because barely anybody else is playing it? These are the questions I face as I write this review for Section 8, a surprisingly good first-person-shooter that has painted itself into a corner, relying on a demographic that, apparently, doesn't exist".

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Major_Tom3797d ago

Lol are you sure you played it all the way there Jim Sterling ol' chap.

talltony3797d ago

I could always get into a match so that was not the problem for me. My problem with the game was that you move slow as hell, you have to wait till ur jetpack charges so u can get where you want to go, It takes forever to kill people, falling from the sky is a gimmick, It looks simialar to halo except halo IS 1000 times better than this shiot and I dnt even like halo. I can confirm I had 0 fun playing this game.

3797d ago
The Iron Sheik3797d ago

Another Xflop confirmed. You guys getting tired of mediocre games yet?

Eiffel3797d ago

How is a 7/10 a flop and it's not a Xbox 360 exclusive...fanboys are getting really sad when they spin spin.

QuizPyro3797d ago

same thing can be said about Gears of War & Mass Effect, they aren't true exclusive's

cyclindk3797d ago

It's crap and all of a sudden "well, it's not exclusive because it's also on PC."

jamboza3797d ago

this game is good to me even though it was the demo i played from xbox live, but i have NEVER seen an add on tv for this game so i did not even know about it untill i found it looking at demo's on live...somewhat wish i could buy/rent but dont have any extra cash

Grimhammer003797d ago

Don't listen to this sh^t! I have the game - been playing ONLINE since launch and it's quite good. I always find 16 players and a few 32 player games...though those are more rare. (due to xserver - as S8 allows you to use your PC as a server!)

Now, the game has tons of customization that directly effects gameplay.
You have modules that are basicly bonuses. Each module has max of 4 slots - and you can only spend 10 in total. Their are I think 8 Modules to choose from - like, Anvil rounds (dam boost) or extra armour or extra shields, added speed and extended lock-on...

So you can see that reviewing this game requires a bit more than "it's slow" or "too much health". With my specs I can kill a fool in about 5 shots....but those shots are soooo rapid coming from a machine-rifle or machine gun.

Playing with a group that is communicating opens the game up from just shooting to full blown tactics...dropping AA turrets & Sensor Arrays to boost the detectability of those turrets is just an example of the crazy stuff you can do.

This being said - ODST will destroy the community as it is now. But I think people will come back after the ODST haze lifts.

8/10 from me. ;)

Sarcasm3797d ago

So it sounds like the multiplayer could be good.

But IMO, the single player is generic.

Pixel_Addict3797d ago

Yeah that's its biggest problem; the game looks like everything else. If a person took a glance it would look like a Halo game with the bright colored supersuits. That's unfortunate, because I do enjoy me a cool supersuit.

Sarcasm3797d ago

Actually that's funny that you mention that. I was playing the SP, my nephew comes in. "Oh you playing halo?"

flash743797d ago

Thank God they came out with a demo first! I've been following this game for nearly a year and I must say that I was extremely disappointed after playing it. Aside from the innovative spawning, this game just feels so damn generic. The guns are fairly standard and boring, walking is so slow it's a joke, and the life bars are equivalent to Halo 3 with maybe a double overshield. Since you have to jump so much to get anywhere without the hyper-sprint, it feel like a FPS on a pogo stick. It's a shame, because adding objectives mid-battle was a good idea, and the design of the game could be cool if the graphics didn't seem somewhat out-dated. This game could hardly compare to Halo ODST, nevermind that Modern Warfare 2 is going to absolutely crush every other FPS thats came out in the last year.

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