PALGN: Heavy Rain Preview

PALGN writes: "We had an in-depth look at Heavy Rain a few months ago and were impressed by what we saw, but today we bring you some hands-on impressions of the demo build that we recently took for a spin. The build we played had two scenes, both giving us a very good idea of what this game is going to be about.

The first scene took place in a convenience store and we had control of a private detective named Scott Shelby. After being greeted by the store owner 'Hassan', we proceed to walk around the store (this required us to hold down L2 and use the analog stick) and that moment really impressed us. The way the character walked around the store and the way we could control his head movements with the analog stick, made it look very realistic. We were also able to interact with objects but soon we go up to the counter and start talking to Hassan".

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