Twisted Pixel Reveals Comic Jumper for Xbox 360

IGN- Twisted Pixel, the crazy group behind the XBLA hits 'Splosion Man and The Maw, has revealed its next project. Judging by the trailer, this one looks to be inspired by the classic SEGA game, Comix Zone.

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topdawg1223792d ago

You bots are dumb this is gonna be on psn too. You can start hatin now

Kamikaze1353792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Yep, just like Splosion Man and Maw, right? This is an exclusive - Deal with it. PSN and XBLA both have amazing exclusive games....why is that so hard to understand?

Edit: The reason I mentioned Splosion Man and Maw, is because the same developer created those games. Have they created any PSN games? I'm not sure and I'm feeling too lazy to look it up, lol.

Don't put your hopes up too high. These devs have only developed two games (besides this one) and both have been on XBLA. The entire development team consists of 11 people. I doubt they'd want to risk reprogramming the game to work for the PS3. If it were a larger company, sure, it might come to PS3. However, small companies usually stick to one platform till they expand. If it comes out on the PS3, I'll happily purchase it for my PS3...if not, I'll buy it for my 360 =D

topdawg1223792d ago

Kamikaze,too bad its not exclusive though, just click the source youll see it. Yeah both have great games and i think that both psn and xbla are on par with each other in terms of exclusive downloadable games, but psn is free though

Elven63792d ago

No platforms have been announced, the IGN listings are just assumed platforms. Twisted Pixel on their website hasn't even listed what platform it will be on.

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Cajun Chicken3792d ago

I wonder if the bad character design was intentional? I wish they designed more cool looking characters like Frank in The Maw.

Ninji3792d ago

Looks like yet another mediocre downloadable game. I bet there will be Wal-Mart ads in the game.

N4PS3G3792d ago

I think you are in the wrong article...this ain't the one about PSN games ;)

topdawg1223792d ago

It's comin to psn too I think

DelbertGrady3792d ago

Got any source for that?

I hope it's on PSN too. You guys need some decent games.

topdawg1223792d ago

Ya it's ign soda, u loser. We got plenty of games don't worry douche

Eiffel3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

topdawg122 , you sound very butthurt. Lol. Soda responds with a humorous joke and you respond with profanity and full blown proof that he hit a nerve.

You should really practice on how to not take something so small. So serious. If you do. Your left hand will forever be the only thing you can call a female.

topdawg1223792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Eiffel, you think i take this sh*t seriously? i just made all these dudes look dumb and you think i'm butthurt? Your stupid if you think im bein totally serious in the openzone. Xbla has great games and one of the best games this year with shadowcomplex. you're in the open zone dude, you better get used to seein this type of sh*t

edit: at below, now you're startin to get it, but you should learn how to spell

Eiffel3792d ago

Lolololol. Thanks for farther proving my point.

DelbertGrady3792d ago

"Twisted Pixel has not announced a release date or a platform for Comic Jumper. Given its past work, digital download services such as XBLA, PSN, and Steam seem like likely candidates."

Considering their last 2 games were XBLA exclusive I don't see how PSN is a likely candidate.

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3792d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.