NMGB: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Hands on Preview

Moving to the DS provided the developers with an opportunity to right wrongs with the easily justifiable excuse of needing to cater to the hardware. Did they step to the challenge? Justin Potts of NoMoreGameBlogs gives an in-depth look after playing hands on with the newest Kingdom Hearts game.

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Go Gaming Giant3794d ago

never really saw the draw of the kingdom hearts series

nomoregameblogs3794d ago

really? i love them! justin, the guy who wrote it isn't a die hard fan, but I can't wait for it to come out.

Rocket Sauce3793d ago

I have no opinion on the game itself, but...what the hell kind of title is "358/2 Days"? How do you even say this?

GameGambits3793d ago

358 OVER 2 days. The / is meant to be pronounced as over. At least I believe that's what they stated at TGS when it was unveiled.

As for why the Kingdom Hearts series is so likable by even the FPS crowd I'll tell you why. The game screams awesome. From third person action combat, to wonderful storyline, dialogue, and voice acting. The game just plays so damn well that after 2 hours into #1 you forget you're playing a game with Disney characters and instead feel like you are playing a third person Final Fantasy game.

It's really hard not to like KH1 and 2 after you play them for a few hours. When it was first announced it got the most bashing, hate, and laughs as something that will never work and totally fail. Here we are years later and it's one of the best rated and fun pairs of games from the PS2 era.

RealityCheck3793d ago

Ouch, reading this preview just re-inforce some of my fears. In another thread I was expressing some reservations about a sequel to Okami being made for the DS because I could not see the 3D exploration and action working as well because of the lack of thumbstick. Someone said that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 was doing it so I had some hope but now reading this preview, I may have been right with my initial thoughts. When in doubt, rent do not buy.

SpoonyRedMage3793d ago

It was me and this is a particularily negative preview of the game. Most other previews have noted that it's not as good as having an analog stick but it does work.

RealityCheck3793d ago

I will rent it and try it for sure, that's the only way to truly know for sure if a game is right for you. In a case where controls are "not as good as having an analog stick but it does work" it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people will adapt to the compromise and some won't.

I did see another article about a 3D game on the DS and looking at the video it was better than I would have thought possible:

RealityCheck3793d ago

SpoonyRedMage pointed me to some gameplay video of KH 358/2 and I must say it doesn't look as bad as this preview make it sound. It actually looked close to the PS2 version as far as the battles go, so I'm looking forward to try it now.

SpoonyRedMage3793d ago

hehe, glad I could help there. I guess it is personal preference. for instance some people love the stylus based FPS control scheme for the DS and some absolutely hate it.

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