iPhone Review: Radial 50

TPG writes: "Radial 50 plays like Breakout or Arkanoid, where you have a paddle hitting a ball to try and destroy bricks in the level, as I'm sure you know, because if you've never played Arkanoid in some capacity before, what kind of gamer are you? Radial 50's twist, pun semi-intended, is that the game takes place on a circular plane, so you're going to have to spin around the whole playing field to keep the ball in play, breaking bricks and just being a general brick-breaking nuisance. The game is slightly forgiving in that you have a damage meter that decreases each time the ball hits the border, instead of a set number of lives, and this damage meter recharges as well over time. Having so much health to beat levels may seem like it makes things too easy, but wait until you play it, you'll likely change your tune, as it can be very easy for balls to keep bouncing at angles just away from your paddle, and you can go from doing well to game over in seconds."

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bgrundman3794d ago

I actually played this alot and enjoy it.

wondroushippo3794d ago

I heard about this game, but had never actually checked it out...might need to now.

JimmyJames703794d ago

I'd probably get dizzy playing this.

CrAppleton3794d ago

It isn't too bad once you get the hang of it.

Neco5123794d ago

I agree... it looks like there is too much going on at one time.