Gears of.......Golf???

Epic Boss Mark Rein has today revealed a new Gears of War spin-off that see's the mighty Marcus Fenix lay down his Lancer and pick up his PING 3 Wood

Sadly the game won't be gracing consoles anytime soon as it's more of an in-house project that the Epic employees created to pass the time.

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Black Republican4276d ago

I personally think this is stupid.
but that is jut my opinion, I am sure some ppl might like this.

Saint Sony4276d ago

I wonder if they can publish it free, if ever ;)

PS360WII4276d ago

Well some people like to dev something that they normally wouldn't do. Why not Epic make a golf game in it's spare time. Couldn't be all that bad eh?

Firewire4276d ago

hmmm...playing golf in a futuristic environment with crap
blowing up all around you (talk about hazards!) could actually
be pretty fun!

TriggerHappy4276d ago

I would like to try this, Imagine hitting a par or boogey with a chain saw...ahh that will be it.

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The story is too old to be commented.