New FFXIII, IV, Dissidia information and videos at Party 2007

Square Enix has confirmed that new information and media of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy IV DS and Dissidia Final Fantasy are to be featured in Square Enix Party 2007 tomorrow.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4232d ago

this is flippin grrrrrrreat.
FF13 vids?
Demo info?

CAC today.
this tomorrow.

Cartesian3D4232d ago

:(( I cant stop my feelings... :P

PS360WII4232d ago

What really suprised me is the IV remake on DS. That came out of nowhere. Also will be good to hear more on Dissidia. Plus the PS3 FF. What am I saying! It's gonna be awesome to hear whatever they say in the next few days!

midgard2294232d ago

:D thats all i have to say

Bonsai12144232d ago

weeee!!! ffxiii info!! its been a long time coming

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