Demon's Souls hands-on preview -

GamerNode's Eddie Inzauto writes:

"I was recently given the opportunity to try my hand at a trade demo of From Software's Demon's Souls, published by Atlus in the US. I've enjoyed my time with it thus far, and am eager to dive deeper into the game, as playing through the training level and the first segment of one of its six major areas reveals the title to be of the most unique examples of a dungeon-crawling action RPG in recent memory...."

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cmrbe3789d ago

because i heard its very very hard. I bought VC because people said it was hard but it wasn't.

The Wood3789d ago

with the first mega tank thing took me over an hour and a half almost. I dont think i could of replayed that level and i thought it was curtains for my team when the enemies valkyrie came and started taking my guys was tense

cmrbe3789d ago

I always use the sniper and anti-tank Lancer. I always max them up first. Second is the engineer for ammo and health. Use the sniper for long range cover and the lancer to do the most damage to the tank. The most useless class is the scout imo, except for Alecia. I find that this strategy always works in most cases.

McLuvn3789d ago

This game seems like a must buy for any Rpg loving PS3 owner.