The Sony PS3 Slim 120GB Offer Available Again At Amazon

After a brief period of limited stock the hugely popular PS3 Slim is in stock again. But what about the possibility of shortages come the Holidays?

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Nitrowolf23787d ago

what is this like the second or 3rd time this happened to amazon now?

morganfell3787d ago

Yes but even so it never falls farther than 2nd place on the Bestseller list. Right now it is back in number 1 and that threat called the Xbox 360 Elite that climbed to the 11th spot has dropped off the main page completely and is falling into the 30's.

zeeshan3787d ago

PS3 Slim is at #1 and Xbox360 Elite is at #35. It's dropping crazy. Just a few hours ago, it was at #33. Amazon does NOT represent the whole game consoles market but it DOES help see what's the current trend.

AS for holiday season. I think Sony will take care of that. Remember, they increased the PS3 parts orders that were enough to produce around a million units. No, I don't think PS3 Slim will sell a million units in 2-3 months but you won't have to worry about finding a PS3 Slim come christmas. Unless of course they bring a GT5 Bundle. That's when you need to rush off your bed and avoid standing in waiting lines!

aparri243787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

people should realize the significance in this, is the largest online retailer on the internet... so for the PS3 to be no.1 above a retail game like WII Sports Resort.... you know it's selling ALOT.....


got 2 80 gig units and i dont know if i should get the new version

raztad3787d ago

Why should you? They all have the same functionality.

The new form factor is very tempting but I'm skipping this new SKU. A new slimmer than the slim :D will come in due time.


think i will hang on hope they sort the issues with games out
having a fair few holts in games after version 3 update