Square Enix: Star Ocean 4 in development, older titles for PSP

Square Enix has officially announced that Star Ocean 4 is in development. They also added and said that older titles of the franchise are to be remade for the Sony PSP console.

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midgard2294269d ago

cant wait, i loved the other games :D

tehcellownu4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Silent Hill
Final Fantasy Crisis Core
Final Fantasy Dissida
Final Fantasy II
final fantasy tactics
and other great rpgs!! Hope this will keep sales up for the PSP..

midgard2294269d ago

wild arms crossfire ;p and for some god of war: chains of olympus, tales of the world, an untitled team ninja game (creators of dead or alive and ninja gaiden) and some that are out now, like valkyrie profile: lenneth, tales of destiny 2, gurimen, monster hunter freedom, monster hunter 2 and more :D

TriggerHappy4269d ago

with a smaller. ligheter and possibly an added keyboard coming with the new psp, this might just be the come back it needs

midgard2294269d ago

the remakes of star ocean will be done in 3D, and have redone cinematics :D courtesy of IGN

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