AtomicGamer: Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

AtomicGamer writes: "What makes Prime--and Echoes--even better in this release is the addition of 16x9 wide-screen support and retro-fitted WiiMote controls. Together, these upgrades gracefully bring the two GameCube titles into the current generation, allowing new fans to discover them for the first time, while giving Samus' most ardent supporters the opportunity to get lost all over again in these deeply engaging experiences. The latter group will also appreciate the collector's edition-like treatment this package has received; a pull-out art book, metal case, and in-game unlockables push the fan service down a path not treaded enough by Nintendo's marketing team. Admittedly, these extras don't add much to the overall experience, but given that such "bonuses" usually boost a title's price by at least $10, I'm not complaining about their lack of substance. The real deal here, though, is the trio of top-notch games. Whether you're looking to fill the Metroid void until Other M arrives, or you're just wondering what all the futuristic female bounty-hunting fuss is about, this content rich offering is not to be missed".

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