A Rough Guide to Scientific Computing On the PlayStation 3

This guide is meant for beginners rather than for seasoned veterans.
HPC folks may want to take a look anyway. It's a long read, but if it is of interest please read.

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Torch4482d ago

This PDF file is definitely a keeper.

A really, really good one, Deepbrown...I mean Doh, err...Deep.

Keep it up!

(I mean the submissions; not the name-changes!) :P

techie4482d ago

Hey Torch. I havent read it yet lol. TOO MUCH STUFF. lol Yeah I've been having an identity crisis. I did a doo doo the other day, and felt so stupid I had to change my name to Doh!. But I'm back and with my original face and "voice" :)

neogeo4482d ago

Don't ask me why I read through that whole thing.