A Patch for the Xbox360 spring update is now available for TVersity

Over at TVersity's blog they say that the update from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 has broken compatibility with TVersity (only with videos, audio and images work as before).

"We are glad to announce that we already have a patch that fixes this problem and also takes advantage of the new functionality of this spring update, letting you browse your video in a folder hierarchy instead of just a long flat list."

For those of you who don't know TVersity is a PC program that allows one to stream video that would normally wouldn't be allowed to the Xbox 360 by means of real-Time transcoding.

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Evil Rant Monkey4482d ago

Why would anyone need to use TVersity anymore?

Grown Folks Talk4482d ago

still formats the 360 doesn't accept. it also seems zune software works better than wmp 11 after the update as well.

sak5004481d ago

has also released a patch to fix the update folders issue. NOw the folders are getting displayed. As for the formats, i've been unable to play anything other than wmv through the media connect so that's why i'm using orb to play all the other divx, mp4, mkv formats.

Grown Folks Talk4481d ago

plays wmv and mp4. i spent most of yesterday converting my files to mp4 until i saw tversity had a patch.