PS3 vs. 360: Now A Fair Fight, Software Will Determine Winner

Ben Dutka of psxextreme writes: For the first time ever this generation, the PlayStation is the exact same price as a comparable Xbox 360 model and because Sony has been charging hard throughout 2009, the two competitors have established an even ground and's a fair fight. No excuses from here on out; ultimately, the console with the better software will prevail.

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Farmhand3797d ago

is a fair fight, then okay

wxer3797d ago

still not a fair fight
with the arcade being the cheapest console on the market
and with a console that heavily hacked v.s. a console that never been hacked

so its still not a fair fight

corywebb933797d ago

This is like comparing a oldsmobile to a lamborghini

And the xbox 360 is the lamborghini

Finalfantasykid3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I think you're right.


EDIT: And here is the ps3 (Oldsmobile Aerotech)

nycredude3797d ago

I own both consoles but honestly, and I am not even joking. This is like comparing a dewalt drill to a fisher price drill, and the xbox 360 is the fisher price drill.

Say what you will about both consoles but the tech and hardware quality for both consoles are night and day, with Sony's core experience as a hardware company showing very clearly in their console design.

gamesR4fun3797d ago

no doubt this xmas is going to b epic for the game industry.

IDetonation3797d ago

Another 360 v Ps3 article.

Well guys, lets hear it!
Whats your opinions?

Redgehammer3797d ago

surprise surprise
Who would have guessed there would be another useless ps3 vs 360 article. My only question is who cares?

nycredude3797d ago

I know it's another 360 vs Sony article but it's correct.
Now it's all about the content.. and we all know who has the advantage in development studios.

Tsar4ever013797d ago

By the time they release the 8th gen of consoles. Microsoft already won in terms of consoles sold. Just remember, XBOX360 had that first year all to themselves, ya'll remember the articles and street stories,

Question: "Why'd you get a x360, why not just wait for the release of the ps3?"

answer: "CUZ ALL MY FRIENDS WENT AND GOT ONE, And I want to play with my friends."

A strong portion of those x360 fans were ps2 owners and because of the ps3 not being available(*blu-ray diodes troubles)the alluring power of XBOXLive the fanbase picked up really solid during that year. Also it still has the development advantage over the PS3 so the multiplats games will continue to favor the X360 over ps3.

Ps3 sales gonna really pick up now that the prices is right. It already surpasses x360 in terms of value. And it's still more future proof than x360. But as long as it's still selling by being bought OVER AND OVER again because of it pathetic reliability issues. It'll take sony way to long to catch up and surpass it by the time the next gen of consoles be released.

Your reading this from a PROUD owner of the Ken Kutaragi PS3, the CLASSIC 60gb 1st gen version. All the other version that followed after his forced retirement are the Kaz H. & J. Trenton versions.


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The story is too old to be commented.