PS3 Belzar modchip was fake

The rumored PlayStation 3 modchip by Belzar team stirred up interest since no modchip still exists for this console. The Belzar modchip was supposed to be in beta phase (50 testers were recruited) and was ready to be manufactured, but suddenly all the ongoing buzz stopped.

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gamesR4fun3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Heres hoping the ps3 is never cracked

tho honestly since they may have pulled the hypervisor chip off the new sku... Well lets jus hope it doesnt have any new vulnerabilities.

GameSpawn3795d ago

I don't think the hypervisor was removed. It is a massive security feature between the Game/XMB Operating System at the application level and the Binary Operating System at the hardware level.

Don't forget the CellBE has security features in it as well to prevent foreign code from being executed. Source:

Lyzzy3794d ago

Why would you want your PS3 to not be hacked? Sure, interest has been low since it basically runs linux as is, but wishing for the ps3 to remain a grill that can play some games, blueray and little else..whats up with you people?

Mr Face Creamer3767d ago

I don't know what is going on here with PS3 fans but I would love to see the PS3 hacked... I'd love to run some homebrew and get some software installed on the thing... Who knows, maybe an OS other than Linux too.