MIG: How To Make A Japanese Gamer Cry

MyInsideGamer counts down just some reasons on how to make a Japanese gamer shed tears. Translations included!

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vflhp3793d ago

Anyone think these reasons would make a Japanese gamer cry? :D

MisterNiwa3793d ago

Go to 2ch and write that stuff, they will try to kill you.

Hah, sick japanese people.

hay3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Bah, lame article, they don't know complex psychics of the subject. Everyone knows that most efficient is burning some pillow with anime chick printed on it.

Tip for Dummies: It's a joke.

Joey Greco RULES3793d ago

This article made me think of this....
*see vid*

vflhp3793d ago

Well it is an ancient art to make a Japanese gamer cry due to game related incidents. It is known to have been practiced in Germany's underworld, where they kidnap Japanese gaming holidaymakers and use them as substitutes, until they die of loss of sanity.

No really

MisterNiwa3793d ago

Seems like i dont know yuck about the underworld, because me as german nerver heard of that! :O

vflhp3793d ago

Haha, just joking LoL

vflhp3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Meh, whatever you're into LoL

IDetonation3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

This doesn't make any sense at all.
You just have no idea what a Ps3 can do.
Please take your garbage elsewhere.

EDIT- I understand it's the open zone and Ps3 is NOT my console.
But that original statement was just stupid.

shutupandplay3793d ago

"Please take your garbage elsewhere."
This is the open zone pal, if you don`t like people talking crap about your console, you can beat it.

wxer3793d ago

"Give him A ps3"

yah thats why they all buy PS3's in Japan

NaiNaiNai3793d ago

thats why they are selling so well right now.

*cough 800 systems moved in a week* cough.

The_Beast3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Lol i wonder sometimes if you have to remind your self to breath......

retarded bot at his best.... ok we'll see what will happen next week, xbox is lucky if they sell a 3000.. ill book mark this page and show your retarded ass

btw, the 3shtty has sold way.way......way less then that with NO SHORTAGE OF SUPPLIES

NaiNaiNai3793d ago

yea and the wii sold way way way way way more with a shortage then the ps3 did not even on one.

get it, spin how you want. ^.^

BTW I'll be waiting.

The_Beast3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

lol at least the ps3's price is higher then the wii, the sht box cant even come close to the wii and its 50$$$$$$$ CHEAPER you bots sure are retarded...

vflhp3793d ago

1. The Wii had a MASSIVE shortage
2. The PS3 is easily the best - better games (upcoming and released), better specs and a better community. At least on the PSN you don't have some 12 year old saying "OMFG PWNED PWNED PWWWNED!!" when they sniper you on CoD4 LoL"

robbiedillona3793d ago

Yeah, it would make him cry with happiness LoL

NaiNaiNai3793d ago

yea on psn you don't have that many kids,

you get those 40 year old virgins who say they are jesus in home and that hes coming to end the world, that you must worship him blah blah blah, oh and the cults that constantly chant stuff. XD

yea PSN is "SOOOOOOOO" much better. /sarcasm.

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The story is too old to be commented.