OXM UK: What makes a good Guitar Hero song?

OXM UK writes: "Guitar Hero 5 is out next week, which will mean late nights at the OXM offices working through career mode, swearing at each other's song choices and moaning at each other for failing songs.

The tracklist has lots of stuff on it I like ('Nearly Lost You' by Screaming Trees, 'Hungry Like The Wolf' by Duran Duran) and lots of stuff I couldn't really care for.

But regardless, the tracklist has changed a lot in the Guitar Hero series. In Guitar Hero II, it was full of plenty of songs you probably won't have heard of before and focused on challenging guitar riffs. In Guitar Hero 5, the tracklist is far more familiar, covering everything from classics ('20th Century Boy' by T-Rex) to new music ('A Punk' by Vampire Weekend) to unusual choices ('Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting' by Elton John)..."

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