Sony Motion Controller Demo

NowGamer: Sony runs us through its answer to Project Natal with this official developer update for the PS3 Motion Controller

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Alcon Caper3796d ago

Nothing new here. Just the same trailer from Gamescom.

DTClown3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"Gone are the days of simply waving your arms around!" Looking like a complete idiot I might add. If some gamers are finding it hard to get laid now, wait until a female see's them waving about like a tard with Natal! Lol!

mrjudd3795d ago

@DTClown, i think they were refering to the eye toy

MGOelite3795d ago

that was a dig at eye toy not natal

Blaze9293795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"Natal is nothing but an EyeToy"...

Foliage3795d ago

How can it be "Sony's answer" when it was around before Natal?

Natal isn't even in a functional state.

Christopher3795d ago

Way to get my hopes up. Was really hoping for some new footage. I want to see what the wands are going to look like in the end, especially.

gaffyh3795d ago

Yeah I saw it ages ago on GT. The game with the torch looks interesting.

rockleex3795d ago

Way back in 2004.


Read the post, and watch the video.

KingME3795d ago

Does everything on this planet has to draw a parallel between Microsoft and Sony with you guys? And why does your immature parallels always have to end with you make negative comments about Microsoft. This was a PS3 only article/video yet some of you couldn't help but bring up the 360.

In normal circles, this would indicate respect, fear, or intimadation; Which one is it?

Foliage3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Wow, you xbox fanatics always get bent out of shape when the truth paints an awful picture of the 360.

The original article states:
"Sony runs us through its answer to Project Natal"

Notice "Project Natal", my comment was in reference to their comment. If it was a PS3 only article, why was Natal mentioned?

Learn to read.

And my comment was purely factual. Sony's motion technology has been in development years before Natal. Their new controller was also fully functional and already in developers hands during E3. Natal on the other hand was not fully functional, and it needed an operator behind a computer handling it. There was a lot of technology mentioned that is not functional. Like conversing with a little boy on screen when your microphone can't distinguish between any words but pitch alone.

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jimmins3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

...And I haven't seen this on the net anywhere. In fact friends of mine that were at Gamescom haven't seen this, and Sony didn't have the tech there anyway...

Alcon Caper3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Guess you missed it. It's so old, it's not even on the duplicates list anymore.

Christopher3795d ago

Not everyone sees every bit of news. Regardless, regurgitating news is far from necessary and one of the rules to follow when posting a news reference. There's so much news here, we don't need to see the same news more than once when you can easily do a search for "PS3 motion controller" and get all of the old news you might have missed out on.

jack_burt0n3796d ago

Question is whats getting revealed @ TGS some survival horror fatal frame, siren stuff will be great with this controller. I hope studio japan has been working on some stuff.

Super_Sonic3795d ago

This looks so awesome! its gonna whoop natals ass.

Blaze9293795d ago

Don't you mean Wii's ass?...since it's more related to the Nintendo Wii than Natal?...but noooo, no one cares about Nintendo this gen.

thedisagreefairy3795d ago

dont they make hot dogs or something?


Godmars2903795d ago

But at least they're talking about - showing - games.

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The story is too old to be commented.